Ayers 'Ghost' of '08 to haunt Obama in 2012?


Barack Obama as senator from Illinois

CHRISTIAN NEWS: SOURCE. WND Published: 3/19/12 by Aaron Klein Email | Archive. Has the full extent of President Obama’s relationship with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers been exposed?

Is there still more to the Obama-Ayers affiliation that has not been dug up by enterprising reporters, authors, bloggers and researchers?

Among all Obama’s radical associates from the past, few received more attention or were as shocking as the president’s connection to Ayers.

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The relationship plagued Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign and could resurface during this year’s election as many questions remain.

Among the possible inquiries: How did the duo originally meet? Did Obama have a larger relationship with Ayers’ parents? Did Ayers play a larger-than-known role in mentoring Obama or in aiding his political career? Are there more projects in which Ayers and Obama worked together? Is there more to find regarding the work of the nonprofits where the two served together?

Obama has never fully addressed the many known aspects of his relationship with Ayers.

During an April 16, 2008, presidential debate, Obama was asked about the relationship.

“This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of English in Chicago, who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from,” Obama said. “He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.”

First meeting?

It is known that Obama launched his political career at a 1995 fundraiser at Ayers’ Chicago apartment and that the two served alongside each other from 1995 to 2000 on a $100 million education foundation, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC. According to documentary evidence, it was Ayers who helped hire Obama at the CAC.

Also, Obama and Ayers served as paid directors of the Woods Fund, a nonprofit that channeled money to leftist causes.

Obama would later cite his CAC position as evidence of his qualification for public office.

However, those probing Obama were left to speculate exactly how Ayers was so familiar with him that he hired the future politician for the CAC and hosted the 1995 fundraiser.

It would later emerge that Obama worked directly with Ayers in 1988 and that the two were brought together by a radical Saul Alinsky acolyte who was trained by Alinsky himself and whose name was obscured in Obama’s autobiography “Dreams from My Father.”

Alinsky, known for his book “Rules for Radicals,” is regarded as the father of the community organizer movement…


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President never fully addressed his relationship to unrepentant terrorist Ayers

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