Iran prepares nuclear war against Israel


Israel is bordered by Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, which separates it from Iran

PRAYER ALERT: Iran came to the negotiating table with six world powers last week. Iran assured them that its nuclear program was only meant to produce energy, not bombs. Those who have been watching Iran closely know better. The International Atomic Energy Agency has verified that Iran has enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs. US State Department sources have verified that Iran already has at least two workable nuclear warheads. Iran also has missiles capable of carrying those nuclear warheads to every country in the Middle East. That includes Israel. And Iran has publicly stated its intent to totally annihilate Israel many times. Only now it has the means to do so.

But Iran may wait a little longer in order to execute even more horrific plans—for world conquest. Its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamanei has said he wants nuclear bombs for Islam to “prepare it for the emergence of the Imam Mahdi.” Iran’s regime believes that the Mahdi—the Shiite messiah—will appear only when Israel is destroyed, the US is beaten into submission, and two-thirds of the world’s population die in a global nuclear attacks (compare Rev. 6:8; 8:7-13; 9:13-19). Thousands of loyal terrorist cells throughout the world are preparing to cooperate with Iran’s designs. To trigger this Armageddon, Iran is developing missiles to carry electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs to any part of the globe. EMP bombs can be exploded at high altitudes. This would paralyze whole nations and regions by knocking out all their electronics and rendering their infrastructures—including food distribution—useless. The US is just as vulnerable to this as any other nation. “The Congressional EMP Commission estimated that, given current US unpreparedness, one year after an EMP attack, about two-thirds of the US population, 200 million people, would have perished from starvation, disease or societal collapse” (WorldNetDaily, 4/25/12).

This is how Iran plans to wipe out two-thirds of the world’s population. Iran’s regime believes this will bring back its messiah to rule the rest. Israel for one doesn’t plan to wait till it’s too late to respond. Israel’s Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said on Monday that Israeli forces are now ready to launch pre-emptive strikes to disable Iran’s nuclear program. Such strikes would ignite radical Islamic fury. But they would disarm that fury, for now, of its means to subjugate the world. However, God has many other ways of thwarting His enemies.

AGREE IN PRAYER WITH US: Almighty Father, the times and seasons of the nations are in Your hands. The nations are raging and the peoples are imagining a vain thing. They intend to break Your bonds and place the world in bondage to a false god. And they have carnal weapons to do so. But we have divine power to demolish their strongholds. Defeat their arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. We release Your power to work in wonderful, mysterious ways. Undermine and frustrate Iran’s nuclear program in every level of development and operation.

We thank You that we have already heard of six unexplained, debilitating explosions at Iranian nuclear facilities over the last year. While we mourn any loss of life, we ask that You would show militant Islamists that they are fighting against Your plan. You are the true God, the true Way, the true Life. And no one comes to the Father except through the true Messiah, Jesus. Turn these persecuting Sauls into zealous Pauls. Reveal Yourself and Your good purposes for them, and for Israel. Bring mass world conversion instead of mass world destruction. Bring Belize and every nation into the fullness of Your end-time harvest. For once the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, then Israel will be saved. At that time You will return to rule the world in Your righteousness and peace. Help us to prepare the way for that glorious day!

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Iran has at least two workable nuclear warheads


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