Belize surrounded by growing drug smuggling

PRAYER ALERT: In four weeks during April-May, the war between two most powerful Mexican drug cartels, Zetas and Sinaloa, caused four massacres. They totalled 103 mutilated or hanged bodies—most of them decapitated. Sinaloa controls drug smuggling routes and territory. Zetas is a transient gang but more heavily armed. It has become clear that Zetas is spreading south of Mexico. On May 15, 2011, 26 people were decapitated by Zetas members on a ranch in Peten, Guatemala, near Belize’s western border. Yet Guatemala’s President Perez Molina, newly elected on a strong anti-drug-gang platform, is now proposing ways to legalize drugs!

drug smuggling

Cocaine is highly coveted by users and therefore drug smugglers too

Also last year, 100+ small planes made illegal drug smuggling flights from South America to isolated landing strips in Honduras. Honduras is to the southeast of Belize. (Thank God with the coordination of US agencies and bases in Honduras, two drug smugglers’ flights were intercepted last month.) Add to that the drug smuggling routes passing by sea just east of Belize, and Belize is becoming surrounded by drug smuggling activity. Within Belize itself the recent wave of murders was caused by local drug gangs. They may consider teaming with bigger gangs. The enemy is in us and around us.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, all power and wealth and authority belongs to you. You have given all authority to Your Son Jesus, and He has given it to us. Your Holy Spirit is grieved that lawless drug lords have taken law and authority into their own hands. They seek not only to extend drug smuggling routes. They seek to gain wealth and power. They want to exercise a lawless reign of terror over lands they have seized and populations they have intimidated. We are grieved with you that people have given them this authority. Some have done so in fear. Others have done so in greed for money themselves. We declare drug lords Your enemies and enemies of Belize. Belize is founded on Your supremacy. We take the authority You have given us to release Your conviction on drug lords and drug gangs. Show them that such activity leads to death and awful damnation. We release Your grace to show them Your way out of gangs and drug smuggling and into honest work and right relationships. We release Your light to expose and bring to justice those who refuse Your grace and persist in corruption. Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered. Disarm and turn back this powerful delusion from Belize. Turn it back from Central America and even from Mexico. You did this through the prayers of Your people in Columbia. Great victories were gained over the drug cartels there. Arouse Your people here and gain more victories through our prayers. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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