For Greater Glory to Prevail in & after Election in Mexico


Enrique Pena Nieto

PRAYER ALERT: On July 1 Mexico will vote for a new president in elections which will have impact far beyond its borders. Much of Mexico bordering the US is controlled by heavily-armed cartels which feed high US drug consumption. One-third of Mexicans are poverty-stricken. They are sorely tempted either to join the illegal drug trade in Mexico or the illegal immigration to the US. 13 million Mexican migrants already work in the US—more than half of them illegally. About a million try to join them every year. Hiring of illegals at low wages is so pervasive that some US states’ economies would collapse without them. Likewise millions back home in Mexico depend on their earnings. But the sluggish US economy in recent years has increasingly turned them to the drug trade.

The vast poor population in Mexico has seen many past movements for economic reform give way to corruption. In the 1870s the Juaristas seized Catholic Church lands to apportion among the poor. This eventually resulted in a return to centralized authority, land confiscation, and economic exploitation of the poor as virtual slaves. In the 1920s the Zapatista revolution for agrarian reform established a Soviet Union-allied governmentl. This government violently persecuted the Catholic Church, as portrayed in the movie For Greater Glory. Out of that government arose the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Though it became admittedly corrupt, the PRI held onto power as a virtual one-party system for 71 years. Then its longtime opponent PAN’s candidate Vicente Fox was elected president in 2000.

Mainly on the promise of economic reforms and jobs creation, PAN’s Felipe Calderon was narrowly elected president in 2006. His main opponent, leftist coalition candidate Lopez Obrador, immediately claimed voter fraud. Lopez Obrador launched massive public protests that brought much of Mexico City to a standstill for weeks. This caused heavy financial losses. It strained the support for PAN’s war against the drug cartels, which at this point has cost 55,000 lives. Now presidential polls show war-weary Mexicans giving Pena Nieto, candidate for the old PRI, 38%, Lopez Obrador 24%, and PAN candidate Josefina Vasquez Mota 21%. Though far behind, Lopez Obrador again threatens widespread protests if the vote count is against him.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are holy and righteous, the sovereign Lord of the whole earth. “He changes times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them.” We ask that You would establish the next government in Mexico with a decisive election to rule according to agreed-on laws. We ask that You hold it accountable to You and to the people. Empower it to enforce those laws against corrupt forces that undermine justice and peace. We ask that You, as the Lord of lords, arise against the drug cartel lords. They seek to extend their lawless and violent oppression to the US, Guatemala, Belize, and beyond. Protect those lands, drive back the cartels, and bring powerful conviction on drug lords. Deliver the people from bondage and fear to them.

Mexico faces such poverty, warfare, chaos and institutional injustice that many in government despair of political solutions. Some are turning to the Church for answers. And despite much historical persecution, 95% of Mexicans profess to be Christians. We ask You to set the course for Your church to come into agreement on Your answers for the nation’s dilemmas. We ask for radical salvations for nominal Christians and for deep discipleship. We ask for trained and anointed leadership to emerge in every sphere of public influence. And we ask that many illegals in the US would return to find new opportunities at home. With You all things are possible. Let the movie For Greater Glory be prophetic for Your people in Mexico. As darkness covers the land, “the Lord rises upon you, and His glory appears over you.” Let Your glory on your people increase so that darkness flees before them. Let divine order be established where oppression and fear once reigned. Let people find Your ways of surviving and thriving in their homeland. In Jesus’ name, amen.

New Mexico president will face drug cartel wars

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