Latin American leaders consider marijuana legalization

marijuana legalization

Uruguayan President Mujica promotes the legal growth of marijuana

PRAYER ALERT: On July 29 the New York Times reported that “Across Latin America, leaders appalled by the spread of drug-related violence are mulling policies that would have once been inconceivable.” The article mentioned not only Belize, but Guatemala, Mexico, Columbia and Uruguay. In Uruguay, for example, marijuana is already decriminalized. Now President Mujica is calling for marijuana legalization. He says it will separate marijuana users from markets in harder drugs. President Mujica is also promoting the legal growth of at least 5000 pounds of marijuana a month. He says it would “guarantee that all of our users are going to get a quality product.” This strategy is supposed to put illegal marijuana dealers out of business. But officials admit that in order to beat world drug lords at their own game, the government would have to join forces with formerly illegal dealers. These are the very dealers they have been sending to jail for years. And yet experts in the rehabilitation of drug users doubt that they will ever get rid of the black market.

In Mexico, new President Enrique Pena Nieto has moved to dissolve his country’s Federal Agency of Investigation. The AFI was founded in 2001 to crack down on government corruption and drug trafficking. Its absence will give much more power and freedom to drug cartels. They are responsible for the murders of more than 50,000 Mexicans in the last six years. The two biggest drug cartels, Zetas and Sinaloa, have already flaunted their power and defiance of the law. They have dumped large numbers of dismembered bodies in various public places. President Pena Nieto is also welcoming proposals for drug and marijuana legalization and regulation in Mexico. This would allow this barely hidden monster to operate more freely in the open. Let’s pray in unity that the Lord of the heavens and the earth will turn back the pernicious influence of drug and marijuana legalization and druglords!

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You live in the highest and holiest place. But You also live with those who are contrite and lowly in spirit. Revive us that we may share the overcoming life of Your Son Jesus. We declare that He has purchased with His blood much more power and authority than all the leaders and druglords in the world combined. They are plotting in vain. They are saying against the Lord and His Christ, “Let us break their chains and throw off their fetters.” We declare that for the current drug criminals who intend to commit more crimes, that they will not be freed to commit more crimes. Instead give them abundant opportunities to find true freedom and life in Christ.

We ask that You turn the hearts of leaders like watercourses against marijuana legalization. Do not allow them to give more freedom to crime and drug-dealing and terrorism and wanton murders. Help them move toward full regional cooperation in enforcing the laws. You have chosen the weak to shame the strong. We call on You to protect all of us. We call on You to raise up united prayers that will transform communities that are dominated by druglords Make them places of great revival and renewal. You have done this in Cali, Columbia and many other places. You can do it again. Where sin has abounded, let grace much more abound! In Jesus’ almighty name, amen.

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Marijuana legalization the next step after decriminalization



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