For world to repudiate militant Muslim attacks

PRAYER ALERT: On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 mass murders caused by militant Muslim hijackers, the US embassy in Cairo, Egypt was attacked by a militant Muslim group. They replaced the American flag with the black flag claiming “There is no God but Allah and Mohamed is the Prophet of Allah.” It was said to be the Al Qaeda flag. In Benghazi, Libya, an armed mob attacked and set fire to the US Consulate. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US diplomats took shelter in a “safe” building. But their own hired Libyan security forces informed the mob, which set fire to the building, killing them

On Thursday, a militant Muslim mob in Yemen’s capitalchanting “death to America.” They stormed the U.S. Embassy and burned the American flag. More protests were held outside US missions in Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia.

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Minarets issue calls to prayer which are at times calls to jihad

On Friday, more anti-American protests by militant Muslim groups hit Jordan, Jerusalem, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Australia. American flags were burned in London and Chennai, India, and stomped on in Gaza City. In Lebanon, the Hardees and KFC restaurants were burned. President Obama was burned in effigy in eastern Afghanistan. Street battles raged for the fourth day in Cairo, Egypt. They injured a total of more than 224 people, including at least 99 Egyptian security officers. In Tunis, militant Muslim protesters ransacked an American-run school. They set fires in the United States Embassy before they clashed with security forces, leaving at least 3 dead and 28 hurt. Sixty-five other embassies or consulates around the world have sent out emergency messages about threats of violence. The University of Texas closed down Friday morning due to militant Muslim bomb threats.

What were they protesting? A 14-minute amateur movie produced by a shadowy group and posted on You Tube, that mocked Islam and Mohammed. No known US politician has endorsed this movie. Isn’t it clear that militant Muslim organizations were using this film as an excuse to vent their irrational hatred of the US. And so they planned these attacks to begin on the day of mourning for the thousands of innocents killed on 9/11. Throughout the world these protesters are chanting, “Obama, Obama there are still a billion Osamas.”

But why the explosion of protests and riots on Friday? Because Friday is the day that Muslims attend mosques. In many mosques they are incited to join illegal attacks on non-Muslim people and properties. They are urged to work to overthrow non-Muslim governments, and eventually to take the whole world by force.

Should any nation allow militant Muslim groups to advocate illegal and treasonous activity in the name of religious freedom? On Wednesday Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders, speaking at the Washington National Press Club conference, issued a call. They addressed religious leaders across the globe, saying, “You have to act now to de-legitimize those who in the name of your religion use violence.”

Let us pray now that nations not under militant Muslim domination will draw the line. Any religious organization must repudiate any advocates of violent or treasonous activities, or else face legal consequences.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You so loved this world that You gave Your Son Jesus. He took the punishment that brought us peace and forgiveness. He now has all authority in heaven and on earth. The increase of His government and His peace will have no end. And yet even He does not force Himself on anyone, for faith cannot be forced. Instead He allows us to use the free will that You gave us at creation. Father, there are countless militant Muslim organizations throughout the world. They are working to take away our free will and force us to submit to Allah and his cruel Shariah law or die. They are zealous to break existing laws. Their aim is to steal, kill and destroy, just like the enemy who is inciting them. But You came to destroy the works of the enemy. We ask that You expose their deceptions and nullify their plans.

Reveal that You, unlike Allah, are a loving and compassionate Lord. You bring consequences for sin that we might turn away from it. Turn militant Muslim groups from their reckless course to find You. Help them become like Paul after his conversion, zealous for you. For those who stay on their ruinous course, cause authorities to rise up and fulfill their commission to punish the evildoer. Do this for their own and for everyone’s good. We pray for our authorities to establish and enforce laws against militant Muslim sects. We pray for our precious religious freedoms. Break up and uproot all illegal, violent and treasonous advocacy in mosques. Show the vanity and folly of the current riots as You did at the Acts 19 riot in Ephesus. Protect us from their threats. Let all have opportunities to turn and be saved. Overcome the widespread bondage to Islam in the world with outpouring after outpouring of Your Holy Spirit. Deliver us from evil. Yours is the coming Kingdom and the power and the glory forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Militant Muslim attacks started on 9/11 anniversary

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