Stop drug wars in Mexico with legalization-Fox

drug warsCHRISTIAN NEWS: SOURCE. Sacramento Bee, 9/21/12. The audience also heard former Mexican President Vicente Fox call for immigration reform and the legalization of drugs in the United States to blunt the influence of Mexican drug cartels and the related violence [in drug wars] that he said has killed 80,000 people, many of them under 25, in the past five years.

Because so many young people in Mexico don’t get college educations and can’t find good jobs, “those kids went and joined the cartels for $500 a month,” Fox said.

In Mexico, it’s illegal to sell drugs, but not to consume them. “After 10 years of legalization, we’ve learned that kids don’t go crazy” using drugs, Fox said.

If the United States legalized drugs and reduced demand, he argued, there would be less violence in Mexico because fewer drugs would be shipped through the country.

Mexico is losing a lot of tourism and foreign investment due to the drug wars in Mexico, but there’s good news, too, Fox said. The country has a growing manufacturing sector, “over 70 percent of the people are middle class, and Mexico buys over $250 billion a year from the U.S. and accounts for millions of jobs for U.S. citizens.

Fox doesn’t favor open borders, but he does support a regulated guest worker program, noting that as the U.S. population get older, younger Mexican workers could fill the jobs. Instead of building a wall at the border, “why not build bridges?” he asked.


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Drug wars in Mexico can be defused by immigration reform too

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