25 Drug Lords Fall, Power Struggles Follow

PRAYER ALERT. For Mexico we have been praying that God brings down drug cartels which are responsible for more than 50,000 murders, and which are spreading into Central America and threaten Belize. We prayed specifically for powerful conviction on drug lords, and deliverance of the people from bondage and fear to them. Insightcrime.org recently reported that of the 37 drug lords identified in 2009 as Mexico’s most wanted men, 25 drug lords have now been captured or killed, and only 4 remain at large (http://www.insightcrime.org/news-analysis/mexico-takes-down-another-kingpin-but-violence-remains-high). We believe that God gave them a grace period to repent) but they were unwilling (Rev. 2:21), and so He kept them from killing more. Unfortunately, many of their underlings are locked in a power struggle for succession. For instance, when Heriberto Lazcano, leader of Mexico’s top-tier cartel Zetas, was killed, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales replaced him only to be targeted for assassination by a splinter Zetas group, the Legionaries. Let’s ask God to raise up armies of intercessors to stop this demonic drug-induced madness.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are the only all-knowing, all-powerful and most holy God. You see that the enemy poured out a spirit of delusion and death like a flood to steal, kill and destroy in Mexico and now in Central America. We ask that You pour out Your almighty Holy Spirit to cleanse every place that drug cartels have violated. We ascribe the fall of those 25 drug lords to Your mercy on the people they targeted. We ask now that You would arise and scatter their underlings. We ask that You would pursue them with far greater zeal than any drug dealer and show them Your forgiveness and Your narrow way to life. For those who receive You, we ask that You deliver them completely from addictions and bloodlust. Lead them in paths of righteousness toward new livelihoods, new relationships and new purposes in life. Show that He who are in us are greater than he who is in the world.

For those who don’t receive You, we ask that You frustrate their evil plans until they do. Let wave after wave of Your Spirit bring hope and abundant life where there was despair and multiple deaths. Where sin abounded, let grace much more abound. We thank you for raising up Your people in unity in the drug-infested city of Cali, Columbia to pray down the drug lords and bring a radical decrease in crime and great increase in salvations. Do the same in more and more communities in Mexico and Central America and wherever the cartels try to go. Show them that You are Lord of lords, that You are inescapable, that You are desirable, that You have incomparably great power for us who believe, and that nothing is too difficult for You.

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