The Maya Prophecy for 2012 – An Introduction


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There is growing anticipation around the world that on December 21, 2012, doomsday may come. Ever since the movie 2012 came out a few years ago, the Maya prophecy for 2012 has become a global obsession. Even the New York Times reported on December 2 that mass hysteria over December 21 is growing as far away as France, the Ukraine and Russia, prompting national leaders take actions to calm it. In the movie 2012 as many as 6 billion people are killed by a worldwide waves of tsunamis and earthquakes that shake countries and cities into colliding and burning pieces.

Not only does the Bible have a completely different end-times scenario, no known Maya prophecy for 2012 had ever predicted that. In fact, Maya scholars dispute both the date and the content of the Maya prophecy for 2012 which scores of authors have recently written books about. Is December 21, 2012 the end of a 20-year cycle in which economic hardship and famine is predicted? Or is it the end of a 5125-year cycle that signals the end of one world and the beginning of another? And how do such predictions match up to Bible prophecy? You can find out by ordering the full article on “The Maya Prophecy for 2012,” which will provide a biblical perspective on current events that may be seen as signs leading up to the last days.

This expanded article will also address the nature of the limited number of pre-Columbian Maya prophecies which survived the Spanish Conquest of Yucatan, including the Maya prophecy for 2012. How much of their prophecy was based on sophisticated astrology? How much are current New Agers using to popularize their own end-times scenarios? How do Bible-believing Christians respond to the current craze surrounding the Maya prophecy for 2012? This is actually an opportunity to show people scriptures on certain major events that must happen before the end of this age comes.

One of them is a global financial crisis (Rev. 6:5-6). The US and many other nations face a fiscal cliff and don’t yet have a solution for it. It looks like other end-time events are beginning to unfold , but we don’t know how long they will take. In the meantime we can actually influence those events—and their timing—by praying and acting according to God’s word. Great harvests of souls must be gained before the end of this age, and the gospel must be preached to all the nations. Can God be using the global anxiety over the Maya prophecy for 2012 to prepare people for perilous times ahead—so they can seek Him and find Him as the only sure answer to the world’s ills? The second coming of Christ will provide the final answer, and He told us to be prepared for it.

The full article on “The Maya Prophecy for 2012” will show that there was an authentic pre-Columbian prophecy that prepared the Maya for the coming of the gospel of Christ to their shores. This detailed and surprisingly evangelical prophecy made a Maya prophet famous when it was fulfilled. It helped Christianity take root even though many of the Spaniards who brought the gospel contradicted it by  their violence and oppression. After the Spanish conquest, another Maya prophet made a biblically consistent prediction about the end of this age—for a different time-frame than December 21, 2012.

When Jesus spoke of the end-times His main message was: “Watch out that no one deceives you… pray…Be on guard! Be alert!” (Mk. 13:5,18,33). We need to avoid deceptions, stay alert, understand the times, and prepare ourselves for what the Bible prophesies about the times to come.  Let’s do so in faith that God will always show His way through any trial to those who seek Him. His way is the only way.

Click here to download the full article on The Maya Prophecy for 2012. IT’S FREE!


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