Churches call Belizeans back to God after massacre


In its quarterly meeting that was held on January 21, 2013, the Evangelical Association denounced the hideous quadruple murders that occurred earlier this month and the continuing crime and violence in Belize. We believe that Belizeans desire peace and want our country to be “the tranquil haven of democracy” as declared in the national anthem.  In striving for peace and tranquility, the church in Belize has been praying persistently, knowing that our most important ally is God and our most effective weapons are the word of God and prayer.

Since 85% of Belizeans profess to be Christians, we call on you to show that Jesus is your Lord and that you are willing to live by His Word. We call on you to avoid cooperating with gangs and start cooperating more with godly families, schools, churches and everyone who is working to build up neighborhoods and not tear them down. We call on families to pray together, stay together and look after each other, keeping track of where each family member is, who they’re with, and what they’re doing, at all times.

We call on neighbors to love your neighbors, watch out for them, and report any illegal or suspicious activity. We call on teachers to get to know your students better and form links between the schools and the homes. We call on government officials to rid themselves of any compromising relationships which calls into question their integrity as leaders; and to pursue justice on behalf of all citizens.  We call on the media to purge out music that glorifies violence and feature people who have relevant and constructive answers to the crises that we face.

We as the church offer help in all these things that we call you to do, by the power of the Holy Spirit and by the Word of God. We have testimonies of many Belizeans who are living out what God has called them to do. Work with us and together, in agreement with God, all things are possible. With God’s grace we have taken a stand against immorality and against the gay agenda gaining ground in our courts and our schools. With God’s grace, we are taking a stand against crime and violence with a superior army of prayer warriors.

When God is with us, who can be against us? Get right with God; mend your relationships; and get serious about your lives.  Be a part of our services, our small groups, our activities and our prayer gatherings.  Join us in a worship time that is conducted every second Friday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Battlefield Park under the theme “WORSHIP TOGETHER.” We will be sharing information on our weeks of prayers throughout different communities in the heart of Belize City, including meetings at the Belize City House of Prayer at Remar on 5 Johnson Street. Stay tuned for further information on where we are gathering for prayer and worship.

You can make a real difference in this nation by cooperating with God. He will give you all the grace and power you need, if you just let Him move in you and through you.

A time to pray for all Belizeans

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