The Church’s response to the homosexual agenda, Pt 1

homosexual agenda

Louis Wade speaks at churches’ rally in front of the Belize City Courthouse

TEACHING: presented for the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches. Our response to the homosexual agenda can be summarized by the following points.


Former homosexuals have gotten free of unwanted sexual desires.

One-way street—is what the rectum is. Don’t go against your body’s design.

Loving someone does not include harming them.

Laws are always meant to discriminate against harmful behavior.

nsurance costs for health will increase as disease increases.

mployment of homosexuals may be forced on churches & businesses.

chool indoctrination of children into the homosexual agenda.


Adoption by homosexual couples deprives kids of a mom or dad.

mmune system—natural marriage protects us from disease and social costs.

Degrades the importance of marriage, and makes it seem just about coupling.

Life-span of practicing homosexuals is shortened by up to 20 years.

nfringement on freedom of speech against the homosexual agenda.

very desire should not be acted on—that would justify stealing, violence, etc.

Statistics show that children do much better with a mom and dad.


Points to make about the homosexual agenda

Sources on the homosexual agenda:
American Family Association, OneNewsNow, Focus on the Family Frank Turek’s Correct, Not Politically Correct

Part Two of The Church’s Response to the Homosexual Agenda will be on biblical and constitutional grounds.

Here is the opening statement of the constitution of Belize is: “WHEREAS the People of Belize—

(a)    affirm that the Nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God, faith in human rights and fundamental freedoms, the position of the family… and the equal and inalienable rights with which all members of the human family are endowed by their Creator”

One thought on “The Church’s response to the homosexual agenda, Pt 1

  1. I believed that the body need to raise up and take thier place and stand for the truth, in keeping and making sure that we stay praying for our peoploe and nation.

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