Update: Healing conflicts at Guatemalan border

APRIL BELIZE JOURNAL: RECENT PRAYER & MULTI-CHURCH EVENTS.Thank God that experienced youth worker Traci DiPietro is helping with our Caye Caulker storefront ministry! This has freed me up to make the many prayer network connections that have kept me busy at these events in mainland Belize:


Prayer advance at Camalote

    Feb. 15. The Strong Men’s Tour leaders’ session in Belize City. Here we learned how to start small men’s fellowship and accountability groups. These are sorely needed to build men into the husbands and fathers God made them to be.

    Feb. 16-17. The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Prayer Advance at Camalote. Here God moved on us with waves of inner healing, visions and revelations. The participating intercessors offered to come to Caye Caulker for a weekend of intercession and outreach. We are seeking God’s timing for this. Also, I got to know the End-Times Handmaidens, a multi-church women’s group which gathers for all-night prayer & worship each Friday night in Belmopan.  .

    Mar. 4-5. The pastors’ group Iglesias Unidas (United Churches) monthly meeting in San Ignacio. I spoke on BPN’s 7 Mountain Prayer Campaign Strategy. I also presented our Prayer Motivator Quiz explaining the 9 Motivations to Pray and books about them. They asked me to share on the same topics the next night at their prayer meeting for revival in Santa Elena. But so many waves of revival hit us that night that there wasn’t room for anything else but God Himself! See March Belize Journal.


George & woman whose back God healed at our table at Belize Gospel Expo

    Mar. 16-17. The first annual Belize Gospel Expo in Belmopan. Thousands came, many visited our BPN booth, and dozens signed up for our prayer network. Others came to us to receive prayer. One woman got instantly healed of chronic back pain and began moving free and joyfully!

    Mar. 22-23. The YC Belize annual Youth Conference in Belize City. Here we distributed flyers about our Prayer Motivator Quiz and had conversations with key youth leaders. When we get this coming generation motivated to pray, devil watch out!

    Apr. 5-6. The first annual Promise Keeper’s Retreat at Jaguar Creek. Promise Keepers Canada is still going strong. They sent about dozen men for weekend training in building men of integrity. There were many breakthrough moments as the Holy Spirit came on several men in power which they released to others. Some men said that they had never been taught what it means to be a man before.  I was privileged begin relationships with PK leaders Ian Nairn, Jamie McArthur and others, which we expect will grow in future PK events here.

    Apr. 8. Belize Association of Evangelical Churches meeting in Belize City on the constitution and upcoming prayer events. This new constitution sets the course for chapters to form in every district of Belize. (In San  Ignacio I found Iglesias Unidas to be quite interested in joining.) That way BAEC can much better represent the evangelical churches nationwide.  


Promise Keepers weekend at Jaguar Creek

Promise Keepers weekend at Jaguar Creek

It was at this BAEC meeting that we learned of the amazing connection BAEC member Howell Longsworth, Pastor of Eagle’s Nest, made with Guatemalan churches. He recently traveled there with Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, a committed Christian who was visiting the sister city of San Benito. Founded by Belizeans, San Benito is located near the Tikal Maya ruins about 50 miles from the Belizean border.

    HEALING CONFLICTS AT THE GUATEMALAN BORDER. This connection was an answer to prayer, because our Belize City House of Prayer has long been seeking God for right relations with Guatemalan church leaders. Belize’s thorniest foreign issue is the Guatemalan claim that it owns Belize. In fact Guatemalan government and school maps show Belize in Guatemalan territory. Many Guatemalans ignore the border and make frequent and deep incursions into the sparsely-populated Belizean side. There they help themselves to large stands of timber, game animals and gold, much to the dismay of Belizeans.

    Both nations will hold referendums in October on whether to take this dispute to the UN’s International Court of Justice. But many Belizeans distrust foreign courts. On March 2 hundreds of them, including many former Belize Defense Force troops, went to the border to start marking it off with machetes. (See BPN’s Prayer Alert on Belize’s border conflict). Thank God, He answered our prayers and prevented the violent clashes with Guatemalan citizens that many were expecting.

    San Benito welcomed Mayor Bradley and Pastor Longsworth with a troop marching in military uniforms. But they weren’t soldiers, they were intercessors with divine weapons for demolishing strongholds (2 Cor. 10:4). The local evangelical association representing 450 churches held a ceremony featuring a Belizean flag. They affirmed the current border agreed on in the most recent treaty of 1859. They vowed to keep praying that Belize would experience a transformation like that of Almolonga, Guatemala, made famous by the Tranformations I video. This video shows Almolonga changed through prayer from an impoverished  haunt of drunkards to a thriving city of 20,000 that is 92% born-again, with no bars (most of them turned into churches), no poverty, no one in jail and practically no crime.

    HOW TO TRANFORM CITIES & NATIONS. Get a copy of this video if you haven’t seen it. Better yet, get the book Informed Intercession which expands on the video.  Author George Otis has traveled the world and found many cities which are being transformed in major ways through prayer. He has found that transformed communities have six things in common. I have adapted them to the acronym PURIFY.

Persevering intercession by leaders (Luke 18.7-8)

United fervent prayer (Acts 4:24-30)

Revelation of our Father’s answers (Mt. 16:17; Jer. 29:11-13)

Identificational repentance for social conflicts and sins (2 Chron.7:14)

Forgiveness and reconciliation of former enemies(Eph. 4:31-32)

Yielding whenever Holy Spirit power comes (Acts 2:1-47; 4:31)

You can go to our Recommended Books page and see this and dozens of other books on the 9 Motivations to Pray. On this page you can use our links to amazon.com to order the books, and at the same time support our ministry since Amazon will give us credit for referrals.

    Vegetables grown to biblical proportions from Almolonga were shown to Longsworth and Bradley—carrots as big as a man’s forearm and cabbages bigger than soccer balls. The two agreed to develop on ongoing relationship between the churches of Belize City and San Benito. The Belize Association of Evangelical Churches is planning to feature our new connection with Guatemala at the upcoming May 19 Global Day of Prayer, and work with Mayor Bradley on future joint prayer events. In the meantime the Guatemalan churches will be praying for Belize when we hold a special time of intercession May 6-10 as the sodomy lawsuit goes to court (see The Churches’ Response to the Homosexual Agenda). Keep us in prayer. When believers of different nations are divided, the enemy rushes into the gaps to exploit conflicts. But when we unite in fervent prayer, nations can be healed!

New connections with 450 Guatemalan churches

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