Philadelphia abortion trial reveals atrocities

PRAYER ALERT: The Philadelphia abortion trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is only now getting some mass media attention. Six weeks of gruesome testimonies depict, among other atrocities, that:

Philadelphia abortion trial

Let us be a voice for voiceless babies that they may enter the world alive and unharmed like this one

1. 7 newborns’ spinal cords were cut with scissors.

  1. Babies were regularly aborted after Pennsylvania’s legal limit of 24 weeks

  2. Women suffered from heavy drug overdoses given before their abortions

  3. Women were injured or died because of his negligence.

  4. One woman almost died when Dr. Gosnell left a baby’s arm and leg inside her.

  5. His clinic was splattered with blood, strewn with dirty instruments and stank of cat urine.

  6. He packed the body parts of fetuses in freezers, cabinets, plastic bags, jars and cat-food containers. The grand jury called it “a baby charnel house.”

  7. His one-doctor clinic took in $10,000 to $15,000 a night, charging more for illegal abortions.

Why were decades of horrors exposed at the Philadelphia abortion trial not brought to court sooner? Because the Department of State ignored reports of women’s injuries suffered at the clinic. Local hospitals treated these injuries without attempting to limit or shut the clinic down. The Pennsylvania Department of Health failed to inspect the clinic. The Department of Public Health did inspect it, but failed to issue any violations.

How many similar conspiracies of silence are covering up abortion horror houses around the world? Reports are surfacing that the Philadelphia abortion trial is just the tip of the iceberg. We must pray that this case will bring the world to its senses and turn the tide against abortion.

PRAY WITH US:Father God, after hearing such horrific reports from the Philadelphia abortion trial, it is hard to lift up our eyes to You, the Most Holy Judge of all. To think that humans are even capable of such cruelty to defenseless humans is shameful and degrading. We can only look at Your Son on the cross, and see how You knew the depths of human sin and chose to punish Your own innocent Child, instead of the guilty. In our grief over the brutality of abortion, we cannot begin to fathom Your pain over the the sacrifice of Your Son. We can only be eternally gratefully that He suffered what we cannot. That You forgave the most heinous sins if we only turn to You and repent. That You gave the worst of sinners the purest righteousness if we only turn our lives over to You.

Give that hope to everyone who is guilty of abortions across the land. Unmask this evil that it may be seen for the evil that it is. Deliver them from that evil into your amazing grace. But for those who refuse to repent, bring down the justice that will save other lives and souls. Let the revelations from the Philadelphia abortion trial send shock waves around the world. Expose these evils to bring the world back to its senses. Show Yourself the Author of life, the Defender of life, the Giver of new life and the Judge of those who take life away. Forgive our sins of silence and negligence. Show us how precious every life is, so we will value it as much as You do, as much as You value Your Son. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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More weeks of testimony to come in the Philadelphia abortion trial


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