Syrian rebels misfire, Iran's president seized

PRAYER ALERT: Syrian rebels are blamed for planting a bomb under a parked car in a posh Damascus neighborhood on April 29. It exploded just as Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi’s motorcade was passing9. He escaped unhurt, but five were killed in the blast. Syrian rebels are also suspected of firing two missiles at a Russian passenger plane that same day. The plane’s pilots spotted the missiles in time to take evasive action. Most analysts expect more attacks to come with increasing boldness. For Syrian rebels keep seeing their ranks swell with foreign Sunni jihadists bent on defeating the minority (11%) Shiite Alawite government.

syrian rebels

Syria is bordered by Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon

Syria’s civil war began three years ago as a reportedly secular protest movement. But it has become a war of Sunnis vs. Shiites for domination of the Middle East, and ultimately the world. (See Sunnis vs. Shiites in Syria Widen War Zone.) Are the Sunni Syrian rebels winning? They have seized military bases, dams on the Euphrates River, and the capital of Raqqa Province. In Aleppo, Syrian rebels have set up a police force and a Shariah-based court. As the Bashar al-Assad government sees Syrian rebels winning over these strategic points, it has grown fiercer and more oppressive.

But the US has refused to consider any armed intervention until Assad crosses the “red line,” and uses chemical weapons against the Syrian rebels. On April 23 the British and French governments informed the UN that they had evidence of chemical weapons being used in Aleppo and Homs. On April 29 Israel also reported finding evidence. It fears that such weapons will be turned against the Israeli population. There is no telling what Assad will do with Syrian rebels winning more territory. He may even use war against Israel to stir up support for his regime. Assad is unpopular at home, but has powerful allies in Russia, China and Shiite Iran.

Iran is currently in the throes of a power struggle between Islamic clerical extremists and slightly more moderate voices. So extreme is one side that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who cannot run but is promoting a protege, is on the more moderate side. In fact he was arrested on April 29 and held for seven hours. He was warned to stop talking about matters detrimental to the other side. Ahmadinejad is said to have proof that he was given 8 million more votes than he actually won when he defeated a more moderate candidate in Iran’s 2009 elections. That vote was called a fraud by millions of Iranians protesting in the streets before the government violently cracked down on them. Iran’s June 14 presidential election will be a turning point for Syria too. For according to the saying, as Iran goes, so goes Assad. This is a time to pray for both Syria and Iran.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are King of kings and Lord of lords. You change times and epochs. You remove rulers and establish rulers. We lift up to You the nation of Syria. Assad wills to remain in power and spread Shiite Islam. The Syrian rebels will to seize power and spread Sunni Islam. But Your will is that Your gospel spreads, even from the small Christian remnant that are refugees in this war. The Islamists may have weapons that threaten Christians and all Syrians and Israel and the surrounding world. But we have weapons with divine power to demolish strongholds. We use those weapons now.

We pray that chemical weapons be disabled. We pray that missiles targeting planes and firepower aimed at civilians continues to misfire. We pray that Christians not only survive their persecution but thrive. We pray that the war will not widen. We pray for just and peaceful elections in Iran. We pray that the truth about its oppressive Islamic regime be made known. We pray that Islamic unity will crumble, and that Your kingdom be arising in its place. Damascus was where You converted Saul. Do so with Muslims who have misplaced zeal for Allah. Stir up in Syrians and Iranians a thirst for real truth. Then pour out Your Spirit on them, as You promised to do all flesh. Set a course for the decline of militant Islam and the rise of a people of true faith, not fear. And prepare Your choices for future leaders of those nations to conform to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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