Belize Constitution tested by foreign gay lobby

MAY BELIZE JOURNAL: OUR WINNING STREAK AGAINST THE SODOMY LAWSUIT. The sodomy lawsuit brought by Caleb Orozco finally reached the Belize Supreme Court on May 7. It is a challenge to the Belize Constitution and our laws. It was preceded by two years of legal delays. On Ash Wednesday, April 20, 2011, two attorneys secretly tried to get a Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion and sodomy. But Pastor Scott Stirm of Jubilee Fellowship and Catholic activist Maria Zabaneh caught wind of it. They alerted intercessors and made a surprise appearance in court that day. The hearing was postponed until July. We kept praying. Scott and Maria worked to mobilize both evangelicals and Catholics. Christians of different denominations came together in a national campaign for awareness on the gay agenda.


Belize Constitution

Crowd lifts hands in prayer toward Supreme Court

  We kept praying. The Belize Council of Churches, long at odds with the Evangelical Association which commissioned BC-HOP, joined our campaign. In fact the Catholic bishop Dorick Wright, the Anglican bishop Philip Wright, and Evangelical Association president Eugene Crawford agreed to be legal interested parties in the court case. Together they sent out a press release that was refreshing in its direct language: “This [gay] advocacy group has been heavily influenced by foreign interests who seek to impose a worldview that directly contradicts the supremacy of God as reflected in our laws, challenges our national sovereignty, and threatens our very way of life, not least by targeting our children…”

    We kept praying. The media helped to spread our campaign. The court hearing was postponed again, from July to October. Then from October to December 5. On December 3 thousands of demonstrators assembled in front of the courthouse in downtown Belize City’s Battlefield Park. One after another, national leaders rose to the podium in favor of the law. There was the president of Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, the president of the Belize Council of Churches, leaders of the Catholic Church and 5 major denominations. There were spokesmen for the ruling party UDP and opposition party PUP and third party VIP. There were student leaders and NGO representatives. And there was a co-writer of the Constitution of Belizewhich begins by saying, “the people of Belize affirm that the Nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God…”

    BELIZE LEADERS VS. WORLD LEADERS. Never before have so many leaders of diverse Belizeans gathered in unity on a single issue. They affirmed the biblical design of the Creator for man and woman to unite as one flesh, in marriage, and raise future fathers and mothers. The Bible is clear: any other sexual union is an abomination (Lev. 18:22-23). We must hate the sin, but love the sinner enough to seek to set them free. We cannot approve of behavior which spreads disease and death and eternal perdition. Seeing our unity on the issue, the gay lobby managed to have it postponed again.

    World leaders were siding with them. On October 30, UK Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to deny aid from 41 Commonwealth nations, including Belize, if they did not change their laws against sodomy. On December 6, US President Obama ordered all US agencies abroad to provide financial and legal support for the gay agenda in nations where they worked. On January 29, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon castigated leaders of African nations for their laws against homosexual behavior.

    The next day, January 30, the preliminary court hearing for the sodomy lawsuit in Belize began. We kept praying, right outside the courthouse. We declared that God had established the authorities there for His purposes—for the good of Belize to prevail and for evils to be judged and corrected. It is good that we did. The first thing that happened, in a private chamber, was a challenge by Caleb Orozco’s UNIBAM (United Belize Advocacy Movement) to unseat the presiding judge, Michelle Arana. Why? Because she is a devout Catholic. They tried to remove Catholic Bishop Dorick Wright as an interested party, for the same reason. In effect, they sought to disqualify half of Belize from having any say. For half of Belizeans are professed Catholics. Judge Arana and Bishop Wright survived these challenges. The court adjourned for Judge Arana to consider the submitted documents.

    BELIZE ACTION & PRAYER PUSH BACK. We kept praying. Belize Action, founded by Scott Stirm, kept tracking developments and holding awareness forums and worship & prayer rallies all over the nation. Orozco’s attorneys had the case delayed further so they could work on other cases. Finally on December 5, Judge Arana finally set the date for May 7-10, 2013.

    We kept praying. Belize Action drew a big crowd from around the nation to the Supreme Court building on the eve of the case. Scott emphasized that this was a foreign-financed attack on the Belize Constitution and our laws. It is backed by the international “Human Dignity Trust.” HDT is suing 80 nations with laws against sodomy. However, Belize has never prosecuted consensual gay behavior under its law. 78% of the cases it did prosecute were men sexually abusing boys! Can we allow foreigners to take away their protection—in effect, be accessories to rape? Can we, as PLUS-TV’s Louis Wade later said, let foreigners force their lawlessness on Belize? Can we let them redefine God, family, gender and morality, until our children don’t know the difference between right and wrong? No!

    HDT has targeted Belize first because Belize is perceived to have a weak judicial system. But we have a mighty God. So we kept praying. We prayed that God would cause the opposition’s words to fall to the ground. And for the next two days we saw two top foreign lawyers try to build their arguments on foreign grounds! Lord Peter Goldsmith is the UK’s former attorney general. Christopher Hamel-Smith is a top Queen’s Counsel attorney from Trinidad. Believe it or not, they argued from cases in South Africa, India, and Fiji. As Scott Stirm related, they kept saying, “My lord, I’d like to take you to South Africa,” etc. They urged that Belize must now follow those foreign precedents. And what did Orozco’s two Belizean attorneys say in court? Not one word!

    No wonder the churches’ attorneys—all Belizeans—kept saying in reply, “My lord, I’d like to take you to the Belize Constitution…” Nigel Hawke said that that the Supreme Court cannot implant—or transplant from other nations—new rights into the Belize Constitution. The Belize Constitution provides a legislature to make and change laws. The legislature represents the whole Belizean people—who are the ones to determine Belize’s moral code—not one judge. Eamon Courtenay argued that the claimant, Caleb Orozco, has no case to bring to court. He is not accused of a crime. If he wants his privacy to be protected, why is he making a public issue of his private life? But if he wants the people of Belize to approve of his own moral or immoral standard, he should take it to the people, and let the people decide. Very clear and concise arguments, just as we prayed!

    The case is now before one judge, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, instead of before the people where it belongs. Tremendous global pressure weighs on him. He will give his decision in July. Keep praying, and we will keep winning!

    PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are the Lord of lords. You are the Judge of judges. Enter the chamber of the Chief Justice, whose authority You have established and which depends on You. Do not leave until he feels the greater weight of Your authority. For “the nations are like a drop from a bucket” (Isa. 40:15). Let the fear of the Lord be the beginning of his wisdom on this case. Teach him Your ways. Begin a good work in him for the sake of Belize and of 80 nations which the homosexual agenda is targeting. Do not let him redefine God or family or morality, all of which are affirmed by the Belize Constitution, and by Your Word. Let foreign definitions fall back on foreign grounds and perish there. Exalt Your plan for men & women whom You made in Your image, to raise up true fathers and mothers. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Belize Constitution written in 1981

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