Gosnell clinic trial helps halt all abortions in Delaware

Gosnell clinic trial

At one large protest against legalized abortion: “Women Deserve Better”

PRAYER ALERT: Media exposure of the Gosnell clinic trial is provoking other abortion clinics to clean up or cover up their own atrocious practices. In Delaware the only two remaining abortion clinics have stopped operating. Planned Parenthood in Dover has temporarily suspended surgical abortions. Its affiliate in Wilmington has closed completely for cleaning and re-staffing. Three of its employees have quit or been fired since Operation Rescue reported dangerous conditions at the Wilmington clinic. Like conditions revealed at the Gosnell clinic trial, they include dirty facilities, unsterile equipment, neglect of washing hands between surgeries, and over-drugged patients. Such practices led to a shocking rise in abortion-related emergencies.  (See our earlier Prayer Alert on Goswell Clinic Trial.)

In 2011 the only other two abortion clinics in Delaware closed when their association with Dr. Gosnell became clear. Safety and health violations similar to those in the Gosnell clinic trial were exposed. “Filthy clinics are the status quo in the abortion industry,” says Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. The nation is just beginning to discover these hidden horrors. But we must ask, are “clean and safe” abortions somehow less horrific to the innocent baby being who is being torn limb from limb? The “silent screams” of dying babies shown in ultrasounds proclaim a resounding “No!”

PRAY WITH US: Father God, you are all-seeing and all-knowing. We shudder at these things that You see and You know. We grieve with You at the widespread disdain and destruction of human life. Since 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, we have been in a 40-year period of mourning. For 56 million lives have been taken in legalized abortion. We have prayed about the revelations from the Gosnell clinic trial. We have asked You to use it to send shock waves around the world.

Now, on the May 2 National Day of Prayer in the US, You answered our prayers and halted surgical abortions in Delaware. Let it be the beginning of the ending of legalized abortions. Do not let media or governments or hospitals hide these outrages any more. Bring them to light, so all may turn to You in repentance. There have been millions of children lost, and numberless women injured. Move in us to extend Your love and care to pregnant women and the precious lives they carry. Let the forty years of mourning end. Let celebration of new life begin. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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