Sodomy lawsuit goes to Belize’s Supreme Court

PRAYER ALERT: The case to legalize sodomy goes before Belize Supreme Court Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on May 7. Sodomy has rarely been legalized anywhere in the past, except in places like Sodom, for many good reasons. The case against sodomy is overwhelming from any standpoint: health, safety, family, education, law, ethics, religion, society, or history. If we ever vote on this issue, we must keep all these standpoints in mind. But knowing that a popular vote would overwhelmingly defeat legalized sodomy, the well-funded international gay lobby has taken it to court. There it rests in the hands of a single judge who is bound to decide it from a legal standpoint



Former UK Atty. Gen. Lord Peter Goldsmith will argue for the sodomy lawsuit in Belize’s Supreme Court

    But Belize has a constitution which strongly maintains the other standpoints. In its opening statement the Constitution affirms it is “founded on principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God.” The Bible has more than a dozen Scriptures against sodomy, and none for sodomy. The opening statement of the Constitution also affirms “the position of the family.” Family had always been understood as consisting of a father, a mother, and children. Research and history have shown that whenever a male father or a female mother is missing, there can be serious family, educational, social and legal consequences.

    Legalizing sodomy would quickly open the door for legalizing same-sex marriage, as we have seen in the US. We would see drives to legitimize homosexual couples adopting children, homosexual curriculum, homosexual media propaganda, government-sponsored homosexual parades, and mandates on businesses and churches to hire homosexuals. The homosexual lobby would simply argue that it’s okay to force everyone to accept what is legal.

    That would bring a sudden nosedive in ethics, religion and every other factor shown above.  But the strongest legal argument against sodomy could be its devastating effect on health. The anus is the body’s sewer. It is designed to eject toxic waste, not to accept “loving” sex. Sodomy exposes the anus to injuries and highly contagious diseases. Is it loving to inflict injury and disease on someone? No, sodomy is neither loving nor legal. The Constitution expressly allows laws to limit personal liberty “for the purpose of preventing the spread of infectious or contagious disease” (Article 5[1]g). That’s why we must keep the law against sodomy. Just because sodomy may be private and consensual does not make it right. Sharing dangerous drugs is private and consensual too. Let’s pray that the sodomy lawsuit be defeated once and for all in the Supreme Court of Belize. It is a foreign-financed attack against this nation, its laws, and its Constitution.

    PRAY WITH US: Father God, we honor You as our Creator. We thank You for creating us in Your image. You made man and woman to become one in marriage, to be fruitful and multiply, to raise children to enjoy Your blessings and be like You—for Your glory. These are the essential facts of our existence, our desires, our survival, and our purpose. These are all being attacked by the sodomy lawsuit and the homosexual agenda. Many other nations have given in to that agenda and are suffering the consequences. Forty nations in the British Commonwealth stand behind us with laws against sodomy. The opposition says that if Belize gives in, the other forty will follow.

    But we affirm with our Constitution that You are Supreme over Belize. You are Supreme over this Supreme Court. You are Supreme over Your church. Convict Your church of any compromise or negligence in this crucial matter. Unite Your church in prayer, even more than You done have in the past two years, for a conclusive victory over the sodomy lawsuit. Change the subject from legalizing sodomy to healing it. You say of former homosexuals: “you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor. 6:11).  Pour out Your Holy Spirit on homosexuals to wash them of sin and redeem them. Cleanse Your church and make it Your vessel of outpouring on Belize. Let the nations see, and overcome evil with good. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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