Redefining gender in Belize & church response

BELIZE JOURNAL. The churches in Belize have gained much unity in two years of awareness and prayer campaigns targeting the legalization of sodomy. They have been spearheaded by Belize Action and backed by both the Evangelical Association and the Belize Council of Churches. These campaigns against the whole gay agenda, including redefining gender, have caused numerous delays in the sodomy case. When it was finally heard on May 7-10, two top British lawyers could only make weak arguments for legalizing sodomy based on foreign grounds. Our Belizean legal team built its case solidly on the Belize Constitution and the principle of the voters’ will. (See Belize Constitution tested by foreign gay lobby.) Could the one judge in this case, Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Benjamin, dare decide to change the social mores for the rest of Belize? Despite heavy pressure from mostly foreign powers, we should expect his July decision to be a resounding no.

redefining gender

PLUS-TV’s Louis Wade speaks at awareness campaign rally in front of Courthouse

Then Belizeans discovered on May 17 that Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s government—which publically stood against the lawsuit—had secretly approved a new pro-LGBT policy redefining gender. It not only legitimizes sodomy but offers this still-illegal practice special protection. It even protected still-illegal prostitution. But the government quickly retracted that part before public outrage worsened. This is not the first time a new official policy redefining gender has appeared without warning. When Belize’s primary schools opened in September 2012, the government had distributed to nearly all of them a “Health & Family Education” (HFLE) manual not only redefining gender but promoting homosexuality among children! United prayer and protest forced a sudden retraction then. But PM Barrow now maintains that his policy redefining gender is here to stay, though he is willing to hear the church’s position.

Many have called for the removal either of the policy or of the Barrow administration itself. But tonight, June 25, Belize’s church leaders start to deliberate over a united response. A great majority of Belizeans have sided with the church against the gay agenda. Is political power for the church at hand?

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A great majority of Belizeans oppose redefining gender

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