US cyber spying targets evangelicals

cyber spyingPRAYER ALERT: We keep learning more about IRS cyber spying which has targeted 500+ conservative organizations. These include evangelical Christians, whom the US Army has named as the No. 1 extremist threat to the US. The army ranks evangelicals above al Qaeda and other Muslim organizations whose stated intent is to destroy the US. The US government could have used the intelligence it had to thwart the jihad-inspired Boston Marathon bombings. Or the Fort Hood slayings of 13 servicemen by Major Nidal Hasan, a militant Muslim sympathizer. (Hasan now defends his massacre by saying he was protecting US enemies 10,000 miles away in Afghanistan.) Instead, the US has targeted law-abiding conservatives and Christians.

Though the IRS cyber spying was a clear violation of freedom of speech and religion, the mainstream media at first downplayed this revelation. Then the media discovered that the government had violated their own freedom of the press. The Department of Justice had used cyber spying to target AP, a major news source for more than 1700 newspapers and 5000 broadcasters. Specifically, the DOJ had secretly forced Verizon to turn over thousands of private phone records of AP reporters and editors, in the wake of a terrorist plot leak. But AP says it only reported the plot after the Obama administration decided to announce it publicly. How can journalists keep the public informed if their sources fear being targeted by government cyber spying?

Those thousands of journalists’ phone calls are dwarfed by the revelation that the NSA branch of the US military is cyber spying on more than a billion phone calls a day. The NSA says it is monitoring the callers and the duration of their calls, but not the content. The NSA defends this practice by arguing that it targets foreign communications involving potential or known US enemies.

Certainly China, with its army already launching cyber warfare attacks against the US, is at least a potential enemy of the US. And Iran, which is planning cyber attacks to destroy vital US infrastructures, is a known enemy. If the democratically-governed US loses the information wars to either communist China or to Islam, the world be the worse for it. But the US government itself is losing its democratic principles when it uses cyber spying against its own conservative opposition. Since the US Army now considers evangelical Christians as the No. 1 domestic threat, and the IRS is already targeting them, what can we expect as government internet databases on evangelicals keep growing? We must pray that God will hold back the rise of such an antichrist scenario.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, to You belong all knowledge and power. You know the secrets of every heart. You could expose and judge them all if You wished. But in Your great love You cover a multitude of sins with Your Son’s blood. We cannot trust men with that same knowledge and power. But when they unite against You with one language—in this case, the worldwide language of Internet—You say that nothing will be impossible for them.

At the Tower of Babel You confused their language. But You know that Your people are using the language of Internet for good. So we ask that You use Your vast unlimited intelligence to target every plan for evil. Thwart every plot against the responsible use of freedom of speech and religion and freedom of the press. Protect freedom from government cyber spying on private lieves, so that men may have freedom of conscience too. Protect these freedoms everywhere so people will have freedom to choose You.

We ask for special protection for believers from cyber spying and government persecution. As You entrust us with Your knowledge, pour it out freely and powerfully everywhere. Let the gospel of Your kingdom be preached to all nations. Do not let Islam or any totalitarianism dominate world communications until the end. Then, when the Antichrist rises, let believers continue to communicate in creative and supernatural ways. The Antichrist’s time will be short, and His words will fall. But Your Word stands forever. Keep us standing firm on Your Word until Your kingdom comes. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Cyber spying also used by NSA and DOJ against perceived enemies

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