2nd top Mexican drug lord caught in 5 weeks

Mexican drug lord caught

The Gulf and  Zetas cartels are fighting over the  cocaine trade

PRAYER ALERT. On August 17, Mario Ramirez Trevino, leader of the Gulf cartel, became the second top Mexican drug lord caught recently near the US border. He was known to be even more violent than Miguel Trevino Morales, the drug lord of the rival cartel Zetas. Trevino Morales was arrested by Mexican Marines on July 15 at Anahuac, Nueva Leon, about 40 miles from Laredo Texas. Few journalists dared to write about Trevino Morales. A feared cult figure, his tactics went to gruesome extremes beyond most modern horror films. Not only did he cut out victim’s hearts, as did ancient Aztec priests. He picked out victims at random, and often dismembered them—even eating out their hearts—while they were still alive. Why? He “believed that doing so would make him invincible among his enemies and even the authorities.”

We must be thankful that he is now in custody, as is Ramirez Trevino. Ramirez is the even more ruthless Mexican drug lord caught at Reynosa, Tamaulipas on the Rio Grande. Vying for control the drug trade in Reynosa, Ramirez’ forces openly battled in the streets against his Gulf cartel rival El Gringo. Ramirez ordered his men to “erase everything and [kill] everyone that had ties El Gringo“. He tortured many who were captured alive. Perhaps now that he is safely behind bars, more details about his atrocities will emerge. The US State Department had offered $5 million for information leading to his arrest. Crime specialists believed he was attempting to reunite the Gulf Cartel with Zetas as they were in 2010. They say his plan was to seize control of the entire “La Frontera Chica,” including Miguel Alemán, Camargo and Ciudad Mier – directly across the U.S border from Starr County, Texas.

Mexico’s drug war killed 60,000 people during the period 2006-2012. 90% of them were members of cartels and 7% were military and police personnel.. Last year newly-elected President Pena Nieto said he would welcome proposals to legalize and regulate drugs in Mexico. He was hoping to bring the deadly drug war under some sort of control. But now he has abandoned that risky course and returned to the former strategy of waging the drug war and getting one Mexican drug lord caught at a time. The problem is that the ensuing power struggle to succeed a drug lord often takes many more lives. And it leaves the new power structure less centralized and thus more difficult to trace.

PRAY WITH US. Father God, You are the Author of Life. We thank You for giving us life through Your Son Jesus. We thank You for giving all authority in heaven and on earth to Him. We grieve that drug cartels are taking illegal authority into their own hands. They steal, kill and destroy tens of thousands of lives that You have given. We thank You that we have seen one Mexican drug lord caught after another. But we need much more. Help us to make disciples who will take back ground from the drug cartels through obedience to Your authority in prayer. We have seen that happen quickly in Cali and in all of Columbia.

Now the great challenge for intercession against drug gangs is Mexico. Zetas drug cartel members are expanding their operations into Guatemala. They are empowered by the blood of hideous human sacrifices. They are threatening lightly-defended Belize and other Central American nations. But an army of intercessors can drive them back. So raise up a prayer movement. Unite Your people who are called by Your name to humble themselves and seek Your face and turn from wicked ways. Hear them from heaven and heal Mexico’s blood-stained land. Protect Guatemala, Belize and Central America from cartel incursions. Pour out Your Spirit on gang members as well as innocents who live in fear of cartel power. Show that there is no one as powerful yet merciful as the Most High God. And let them find overcoming authority in Jesus’ name, amen.

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One more Mexican drug lord caught near the US border

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