Putin rebukes Muslim persecution of Christians

Muslim persecution of Christians

Russian President Putin

PRAYER ALERT: Christians who are raising awareness about Muslim persecution of Christians around the world as well as the global LGBT agenda have found an unusual ally in President Vladimir Putin of Russian. Putin called on world leaders to stop violent persecutions of Christians, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Putin also praised the Orthodox Church for supporting Russia’s new laws against promoting homosexuality. Some nations are threatening to boycott Russia’s 2014 Winter Olympics because of these laws. While we may question Putin’s authoritarian rule in Russia, we can commend his courageous and ethical stands on these global issues.

No leader of any other G8 nation has taken such stands. In fact the US, the UK and France have aggressively pushed the global LGBT agenda. And except for Russia, the G8 nations have been mostly silent about widespread Muslim persecution of Christians. Last January French President Francois Hollande did send military support to France’s former colony Mali. And this did help to stop jihadist Muslims from northern Mali in their violent campaign to take over the mostly Christian south.

But rarely have we heard world leaders protest the ongoing Muslim persecution of Christians in scores of nations such as Nigeria, where Boko Haram Muslim terrorists are killing hundreds of Christians a year. Or Sudan, where millions of Christians have been killed by Muslim forces since 1985. Or Syria, where rebels are imposing sharia law on newly-gained territories, and demanding that Christians either flee or die. Or Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood increased Muslim persecution of Christians during their one-year reign. Now in their struggle to regain power, MB members are “taking their anger out” on Christians. Today Fox News reported that Coptic churches were torched in three southern Egypt provinces, where the MB’s hate campaign against Christians is most active…

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Muslim persecution of Christians is globally widespread

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