Tuff love disarms Georgia school gunman

Georgia school gunmanNEWS UPDATE: What a difference Christian loving care makes. Michael Brandon Hill, 20, brought an AK 47-style rifle and almost 500 rounds of ammunition to McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia. But he did not shoot any students. Nor was he disarmed by a professional counselor or by force, though he did exchange gunfire with police outside, The Georgia school gunman was disarmed by Antoinette Tuff, the school bookkeeper. Tuff empathized with him and prayed for him. She shared her own struggles as a black mother of a disabled child who had lost her husband. She talked him into giving up his arms and lying down on the floor. And she persuaded the police to accept his surrender peacefully.

The Georgia school gunman had a history of mental health issues. Natasha Knotts, wife of a pastor of a small church, knew this when she took him in to her family for six months during his late teens. Recently he moved in with another couple who belonged to their church. What if instead he had been taken in by radical Muslims? They would have encouraged this attack. And celebrated the killing of dozens of students afterwards. Were it not for the Tuff unconditional love shown him, we may have had a greater tragedy than the Newtown massacre eight months before. Those who insist on keeping Christ and prayer out of schools are letting death and destruction in.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, we praise you for Your unconditional love and grace to all of us, especially to the Georgia school gunman. You prepared the heart of this young man through the lovingkindness of Christian hosts. You shone Your love into his heart through a humble bookkeeper. Let this testimony go forth to encourage believing Christians everywhere that love is stronger than death. That good overcomes evil. And let it open the way for prayer to be restored and the name of Christ to be spoken in our schools again. You are knocking at our doors. When we hear Your voice and open those doors, You will come in and bring abundant life instead of death. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Georgia school gunman had history of mental issues

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