Putin to disarm Syrian chemical weapons and arm nuclear Iran

Syrian chemical weapons

Russia plans to build a second nuclear reactor at Iran’s Bushehr plant

PRAYER ALERT: On the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist massacres, there appeared to be a sudden movement toward peace instead of war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered to disarm Syrian chemical weapons. This has been hailed by many to be a master-stroke in diplomacy. It would relieve US President Obama of the need to make good his threat of airstrikes against Syrian chemical weapons sites. It has the cooperation of Syrian Prime Minister Hafez al-Assad—Russia’s long-term ally—himself. It would dramatically reduce the potential future use of Syrian chemical weapons. And—nine days after Russia went on high war alert over US military exercises near Syria—it would diminish the possibility of a US-Russia confrontation in the Middle East.

Or would it? On 9/11/13 it was revealed that Russia is offering to give Iran five air defense missile systems. President Putin may be surmising that US strikes against Syria will be followed by US strikes against nuclear facilities in Iran—Syria’s main ally. Russia is also offering to build a a new nuclear reactor for Iran. On one hand, Russia is planning to take away chemical weapons from a relatively weak Syria. On the other hand Russia is planning to build nuclear facilities for a far more dangerous Iran. What appears to be a move toward peace may actually be preparation for a greater war for a valuable gas pipeline…

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