Evangelical task force to address gender policy

Belize gender policy

President Crawford invites full participation of district church groups in BAEC

BELIZE JOURNAL PT. 2. The Belize Association of Evangelical Churches has a new constitution designed for participation from all districts of Belize. On Oct. 21 we met at Central Assembly of God in Belize City to discuss it. We seek to involve as many Spanish-speaking churches as possible, including those active in addressing the new Belize gender policy. We are making the Spanish translation of the constitution available beginning on Friday, Oct. 25.

According to the constitution, each current district pastors’ association can continue to conduct its own business. But it will also have a voice, through its chairmen, on the national BAEC Executive Committee. The district BAEC chairmen will elect an Executive President and VP and mobilize BAEC to swing into full action.

The lengthy formation process of the constitution has been one factor that has kept BAEC from responding more quickly to the Belize gender policy. The larger church’s response to the gender policy has also taken time for consultation with experts, lawyers, and various branches of the church. Along with this groundwork, we need more timely responses to fast-breaking developments in Belize.

Belize gender policy

Belize Action’s Scott Stirm will lead the new emergency task force

So on Oct. 21 the BAEC discussed and agreed on a plan of action. A special emergency Task Force of district representatives will be led by Belize Action’s Scott Stirm, and report to BAEC President Crawford. The urgent issue getting attention now is the government’s gender policy and the related Belize rape bill. Scott has been closely tracking developments and mobilizing citizens across the nation to act effectively on this issue. Prime Minister Barrow seeks to know the church’s positions on the gender policy, but the church’s comprehensive report is not yet ready. Till then the Task Force can help BAEC respond to this and related issues as they unfold. We must seek to speak with one voice before the Prime Minister and Belize.

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Churches say Belize gender policy must be stopped


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