IRS Obamacare office enables more spying

IRS ObamacarePRAYER ALERT: The IRS Obamacare office is one branch of the error-plagued Obamacare website network which is working fine, according to its director, Sarah Hall Ingram. But will that reassure website users, or worry them? Ingram led the IRS department which harassed and silenced key political opponents in the 2012 election year. The IRS Obamacare office will have access to all Obamacare data. What if an Obamacare user’s private data is compromised? Ingram said that the IRS Obamacare office can “turn off the switch in minutes.” But that implies the IRS connection to private data is usually on.

The NSA is also accessing private data in the US and worldwide. On Oct. 30 the Washington Post revealed that the NSA is hacking into Google and Yahoo without their knowledge, and accessing millions of records a day. These records are not just the metadata—the who, when and how of communications—that Google, Yahoo and other internet giants allowed to the NSA before. These records are the actual content of the communications. And the NSA has spied on 35 world leaders in this way, including allies such as Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now the NSA and the IRS can spy on the contents of private communications of US citizens at home. And the IRS has shown it is willing to use its data to shut down political opposition.

Many Americans have become trapped in this IRS Obamacare scheme. For three years Obama repeatedly promised that those who liked their current health policies could keep them. Now NBC reports that the Obamacare bill was written in such a way that his promise could not be kept. Those who lost their insurance are forced to go to the Obamacare website and give login data before they can browse for policies. Then many get lost in the frustrating process. It turns out that the Obamacare system is better at getting citizens’ data than providing insurance for them. And eventually making them pay more for less in return. In the June 28 Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, Chief Justice Roberts said Obamacare was legal because it was a tax.

Will the IRS Obamacare office use its data to decide who it will discriminate against next? Experts who have read the entire 2700-page bill say it will force rationing to go into effect. That means government bureaucrats will decide who gets health care and who doesn’t. In many cases, that means they will decide who will live and who will die.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are all-knowing and all-powerful. Nothing in all creation can hide from Your sight or escape Your authority. Only You can be trusted with such knowledge and power. The knowledge of good and evil corrupts men. Power can also corrupt men. We ask that You place limits on the knowledge and power to be gained by the governments of world. Give more knowledge and power to those who use them well. Take them away from those who use them ill. We know that China and Iran also use cyber-spying, with even fewer restraints than the US. Put Your restraints on them too.

Call the leaders of the nations to lead as Jesus led. Promote those who come to serve and not to be served. Expose those who come to steal and kill and destroy. Do not let them force people to pay for killing babies in the womb, as Obamacare does. Do not let the Obamacare website operate until there is healthy change. Reveal Your health plan for America, and for other nations too. For You have plans to prosper us and not to harm us. You have plans for a hope and a future. You are calling us to come to pray to you. When we seek You, we will find You. So we seek You with all our hearts, for Your guidance, Your provision, Your miracles, and Your good plans. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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IRS Obamacare office better at data gathering than insurance

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