Gender policy wording spells danger for Belize

new gender policy

Pastor Scott Stirm is sounding the alarm about deceptive language in Belize’s new gender policy

PRAYER ALERT: The Oct. 3 Red Alert meeting of church leaders called by Pastor Scott Stirm focused on red-flag words in the new gender policy, which has influenced the Belize rape bill. “Sexual orientation” can mean that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) are legally considered genders, same as male and female. (The gay lobby has identified at least twenty more “genders”!) “Gender identity” can mean “whatever gender a person feels they are at any given time,” according to the HFLE manual for Standard 4-6 students (ages 10+).

In the new gender policy, “gender-based discrimination” can mean any non-cooperation with whatever gender a person feels like at the time. It applies to “all levels of the education system.” At any time that a boy “feels” like a girl, he would be able to go into the girls’ bathroom under a non-discrimination law like this. And he would be able to charge any girls who object with “gender-based discrimination.” Which bathroom would those claiming to be LGB or T use? Such a policy opens a Pandora’s box of confusion and abuse of kids who are just growing into their sexual identities.

The confusion would extend to the “removal of gender stereotypes from the curriculum.” It could apply to anything as innocent as boys preferring trucks to dolls. It could empty the library of most of its books since male and female differences have been recorded since the creation of Adam and Eve. The new gender policy would specifically replace health curriculum with the pro-LGBT HFLE manual. Designed for children ages 10+, the HFLE manual promotes anal sex and experimentation with various gender identities. It advocates defiance of parents who don’t cooperate with a student’s choices of gender and sexual activity.

This new gender policy would apply to the workplace and every other social arena too. It would “create an anti-discrimination law that includes the elimination of all forms of gender related discrimination across society, including in the world of work.” A business, or church, which refuses to hire a transvestite could be prosecuted under this law. And who would enforce it? Page 9 of the new gender policy speaks of the “government monitoring outcomes.” Outcomes could include quotas of LGBT employees and mandates of pro-LGBT publicity.

Can the government be serious about this policy in a nation where the vast majority of people don’t want it? We are hearing reports that some representatives haven’t yet even read it Others are saying that the legalization of prostitution has been retracted from the new gender policy. Yet page 18 still says that the government will “take special legal and infrastructure measures to safeguard the rights of vulnerable groups: sex workers, mobile workers, men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender populations…” This makes prostitution and sodomy not only legal, but protected by special rights.

The new gender policy is a massive foreign-based attack on every sphere of influence in the nation of Belize. That is why the church has initiated a massive response. The church has enlisted attorneys, educators, counselors, sociologists and business leaders to recommend extensive changes to the policy. Their report is nearly ready. Hundreds of pastors and leaders in Belize have committed themselves to endorse it.

But one change in the new gender policy would make all the difference. If we could define gender as male and female only, most of the objections would vanish. That was the way God created us and the way we have grown up. That is what every nation, tribe and tongue in history has affirmed till now. We must pray that men and women will not endure a second Fall—into the perilous and miserable chaos into which the new gender policy would plunge us.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are enthroned in the heavens. You laugh when the nations rage and conspire against You. You make foolish the wisdom of the world. You also terrify the nations with Your wrath. We ask that You would slow down their reckless pursuit of this new gender policy. Give us a grace period in Belize, so we can shed light on Your ways instead. Expose any deceptions and dangers in the Belize rape bill. Affirm the ways in which it protects children. But strike down the ways in which it exposes them to harm.

Keep releasing the fear of the Lord on Justice Benjamin, so he will rule against the sodomy lawsuit. Keep Your church firm and united against the whole gay agenda, and bring it all to an end. Let the church move on to save souls, to deliver them from evil, and to heal those with broken sexual identities. Instead of redefining families, restore them. Turn fathers’ hearts toward the children, and the children’s hearts to them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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