Iranian nuclear talks ignore brutal facts

Iranian nuclear talks

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei with Revolutionary Guard commanders

PRAYER ALERT: The Iranian nuclear talks that the US and five other world powers concluded on Nov. 24 are supposed to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program for the next six months. The deal would provide $6-7 billion in sanctions relief. In return Iran said it would agree to stop enriching uranium beyond 5 percent. It would dilute or convert its uranium that had been enriched to 20 percent, which is near weapons-grade fuel.

Iran’s nuclear facilities are run by the highly militaristic Revolutionary Guard. Can we trust the Revolutionary Guard—and Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamanei—to follow the terms of the Iranian nuclear talks? Will they really give inspectors full access to their nuclear facilities? Only last week Khamanei boasted to the Bassij division of the Revolutionary Guard that Iran will not change its nuclear program a single iota. The tens of thousand of Bassij troops all replied by shouting in unison, “Death to America! Death to America!

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