The word of the Lord for Belize

Word of the LordBELIZE JOURNAL, PT. 1: Many intercessors have confirmed the word of the Lord for Belize given by prophetic minister Benn Smith from the Bahamas. He released this word on October 25 at an outdoor gathering in the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout. It amounts to so many pages that we are providing excerpts with comments here.

This is the word of the Lord for Belize: “I came tonight to bring you good news…God is having us return to the gospel of His Kingdom. His rule and His reign in your heart. Many people have Jesus as Saviour, but not as Lord. When Jesus is Lord of your life and King over your life, He is King over your time…There are many people who only know Jesus as Saviour—He saved me from this, He saved me from that. But they don’t want Jesus to be Lord over their time. That is why they decide what time they come and go, whether they go to church or stay at home.

When Jesus is our Lord and King, our time belongs to Him. We must live for Him, hear Him and obey Him. And we must speak for Him to those who cannot hear Him. For He is saying, “Your nation is in the balance and being weighed…This is a time when the church must stand against the violence, against abortion, against homosexuality.” Many who rallied to the cause of stopping the homosexual agenda have grown battle-weary. They are no longer rising to each new occasion to pray and speak the word of the Lord into this issue. Instead of fighting the good fight, they are looking for ways to compromise.

But God says, “Don’t compromise My word. Let My words come through your lips. For this is a season of change that is coming to Belize, says the Spirit of the Lord. Order is coming to this nation, righteousness. If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive your sins and heal your land.”

EXPOSING & CLEANSING CORRUPTION. The land has been defiled by the blood of violence and abortion and by the homosexual influence. We need to pray that the fathers will arise and take authority to stop this defilement. The fathers must “get back into position and shut the doors of your past so that no devils can come upon your sons and upon your family which your fathers went through…. The ancestors sold this nation out. There are certain things happening in Belize because of the doors the forefathers left open. God has to put righteous people in government to shut the door. To repent on behalf of the forefathers that did not know what they were doing.”

As we pray and turn from these wicked ways, God will continue to expose corruption and wash it away. This is why there has been so much rain in Belize, even while Benn Smith was speaking “The rain is a sign that God is washing this nation from all its corruption. He is purifying this nation.” Rain loosens the ground so that hidden things will be exposed. “There will be a digging up of the government and I will begin to reveal to you that some are being paid off by the drug lord.

“I am shaking the immigration, police, and the defence force. I am about to reveal the corruption between the police and the gangs. For how it is that people can be killed and the police are doing nothing? Your brother’s blood is crying out of this land. I will avenge the blood of your brother. This is a season of exposure.” It is time for evildoers to be brought to justice.

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