Protesters force Ukraine-EU deal, defy Russia

Ukraine-EU deal

Ukraine President Yanukovych visited by Russian President Putin

PRAYER ALERT: In response to an overwhelming tide of demonstrations, the Ukrainian government has agreed to sign a trade deal with the European Union. President Viktor Yanukovych was favoring a stronger alliance with Russia when he turned down a Ukraine-EU deal on Nov. 21. But activists from western Ukraine, which has more historical ties to Europe, rallied the opposition. They accused Russia of forming a bloc of former Soviet republics which effectively recreates the Soviet Union. They staged large protests in the Ukraine’s capital Kiev. When authorities cracked down on them, the crowds grew to the hundreds of thousands. They camped in Kiev’s central square. They blocked administrative buildings and occupied the mayor’s office. They demanded President Yanukovych’s resignation.

Finally on Dec. 9 Yanukovych called the president of the European Commission to reopen talks on the Ukraine-EU deal. The EU promised more aid in return. But now we can expect protests from the eastern Ukraine, which has closer historical relations with Russia. And we can expect Russian President Vladimir Putin to oppose the Ukraine-EU deal. Putin had already called the events in Kiev “more like a pogrom than a revolution.”

But Putin also faces growing opposition at home. In his third term as president, he has seen his popularity decline markedly. Government corruption has become so evident that businessmen are leaving the country to escape state-sponsored extortion. Putin is taking more repressive measures at home to repair his government’s tarnished image. On Nov. 26 his state-controlled Gazprom media arm bought out the wealthy and independent Profmedia. On Dec. 9 Putin replaced the state news agency with a media organization more geared to promote his policies.

But the loss of the Ukraine, a former subordinate state, will be hard for his media to explain away. Will the Ukraine find new pressures to conform to a different kind of corruption in the EU? Will it be forced to comply with the LGBT agenda? To abandon traditional values, even though Christians comprise 79 percent of its population? And to look the other way when Muslims persecute Christians? We must pray as Ukrainians face difficult choices in the days ahead.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, it is You whom we value far above all else. We value what You value. You value fathers and mothers who love their children as You love us. You value nations which protect its families from the destructive agendas of the enemy. We thank You when leaders take a stand for Your values, as President Putin does in many ways. We thank You for answering prayer by causing his allies Syria and Iran to disarm, with his cooperation. We ask that You oversee this disarmament until it is completed. Do not let political corruption hinder the process. Do not let repression of media hide the truth.

We ask that You guide the Ukraine in all its relations. You have given it great mineral resources. Yet government corruption has kept many people poor. You have given it many large and growing churches. But divisions have kept many Christians weak. Show them that alliance together with You is more important than alliance with East or West. And show the church in Russia how to be the conscience of the nation. Lead President Putin to pay heed to that conscience, and not to his public image. Cause all false images to crumble so that You alone may be exalted. Make every revelation of Jesus Christ may shine more brightly as Your light to the world. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Ukraine-EU deal has revived


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