Russian moral supremacy-in Syria, Ukraine too?

Russian moral supremacy

Russian President Vladimir Putin

PRAYER ALERT: In his state of the nation speech on Dec. 12 Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed Russian moral supremacy over the West in its world-view. He decried Western governments’ “destruction of traditional values from above.” He said it “runs counter to the will of the majority of people.” He called the West’s tolerance of the LGBT lobby “genderless and infertile.” The LGBT lobby is currently attacking Russia’s law which bans “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” It is campaigning for a boycott of Russia’s Winter Sochi Olympic Games.

But the only Western political leader who is joining the boycott is German President Joachim Gauck. Others, such as US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron, have protested Russia’s law. They will certainly try to dispute Putin’s claim of Russian moral supremacy. But even Putin’s opponents give him a grudging respect for his recent rise in global influence. He helped force his ally Iran to negotiate with Western powers over its potentially devastating nuclear program. He struck a deal to disarm his ally Syria of its chemical weapons at a time when the US and the West were at a loss over what to do. Iran’s willingness to honor its nuclear program deal is still questionable. But the completion of Syria’s first phase of disarmament has just been verified by a team of UN inspectors.

Another UN team has released video recordings proving that chemical weapons indeed were used in Syria on August 21. But the team cannot tell whether they were employed by the Syrian government or by the opposition. And seeing that Al Qaeda allies have grown to dominate opposition forces, the US and UK decided on Dec. 12 to suspend nonlethal aid to the Syrian opposition. This gives Russia’s ally Syria a decisive advantage.

So far it seems that Putin’s political supremacy over Western leaders in Middle Eastern affairs cannot be disputed. But is his claim of Russian moral supremacy over the West also true? We can admire his uncompromising stance on traditional family values. We can appreciate his increasing partnership with the Russian Orthodox Church. We can commend his repudiation of official Muslim persecution of Christians, even in nations allied to Russia.

But what of his treatment of his own people, and his near neighbors? Is he showing Russian moral supremacy when he pressures the Ukraine to join his economic bloc? Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian protesters say no…

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Russian moral supremacy disputed by West


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