Belize rapid response team to hit key issues

Belize rapid response team

Belmopan Pastor Scott Stirm promotes the idea of a Belize rapid response team

BELIZE JOURNAL Pt 2: The new Pro Tem Team for BAEC will prepare the way for the national BAEC Executive Team which will also include all the district chairmen. Belmopan Pastor Scott Stirm is also promoting a plan to form a larger National Evangelical Council designed to mobilize as a Belize rapid response team for urgent issues. It would be composed of church leaders who can devote more time to praying for and agreeing on God’s counsel for the nation on these issues. This Belize rapid response team would also seek to  develop action plans for wider church participation.

One part of the body can’t move very far without other parts of the body.
One church or ministry can only go so far without the rest of the body cooperating. We must lift our sights above our local church and our local community to see that many of our local issues are also national issues. And that the more we engage with other churches, communities and districts, the more impact we will have for God in the nation. The more we join in the corporate prayer of 2 Chron. 7:14, the more of our land God will heal.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, we thank You that You have given Jesus all authority in heaven and on earth. We thank You that You have given Him as head over the church. We thank You for Your incomparably great power for us who believe in Him. And we thank You for the many major answers to prayer for the nation that You have already provided. We thank You especially for drawing Your church into greater unity in the face of the gay agenda. You have brought us into a comprehensive agreement against the destructive pro-LGBT gender policy that the enemy has aimed at the family, the church and the whole nation of Belize.

But we need so much more. For we face more giants in the land. Murderous city gangs, regional drug cartels, witchcraft, Freemasonry, sexual immorality, family brokenness, media exploitation, government corruption, poverty and debt all work against Your purposes in Belize. Arise, O God, against these giants, that they may scatter. Stir up Your people to arise too. Lift our sights beyond our personal and local issues to pray for Your kingdom to come to all Belize.

Raise up leaders from among Your people to join in citywide and district-wide prayer and action. Raise up the chairmen You have prepared to lead each district chapter of BAEC. Raise up a Belize rapid response team of leaders too. Raise up good and faithful servants to whom they can delegate local responsibilities. Keep Your leaders attuned to each other, to You, and to what You are doing in all of Belize. Bring forth more testimonies of victories over giants, we can all celebrate together. Most of all, make us one with You so that the world can see how great You are in Belize and the nations. In Jesus name, amen.

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Belize rapid response team proposed by Scott Stirm


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