Belize Strong Men rally for world witnesses

Belize Strong Men Rally

Louis Wade praying for all who came forward to be witnesses to the world at Belize Strong Men Rally

NEWS UPDATE: At Friday’s Belize Strong Men Rally, hundreds of men heard testimonies of radical healing and national impact. We heard teachings on taking responsibility for our lives, marriages, families and country. On closing our doors to the enemy. On opening our doors to Father God. On living up to His standard by His power and grace. And on being witnesses with power to Belize and the world. Dozens came forward to receive that power. Hundreds more were challenged to be His witnesses too. We seek to release at least a thousand men—and many women with them—for nationwide impact. How about you? Jesus calls you too, to magnify Him in your nation.

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Quotes from the conference:

We all have one standard for ourselves and one for others. God has only one standard for everyone: His Word—Louis Wade, Director of Christian PLUS-TV

Change is not a decision, it’s a process—Dr. John Eckhardt of Stauron Ministries

1% of men who make decisions for Christ stay with Christ after 2 yrs. We must leave 1 to go after the 99—Dr. John Eckhardt of Stauron Ministries

Change in your nation begins with change in you—Pastor Scott Stirm of Belize Action

If you’re too hurt to forgive from your heart, ask God to bring your heart to a place where you can forgive—Pastor Scott Stirm of Belize Action

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Belize Strong Men Rally attracts more than 300


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