Belize touts womens rally, warns teacher rally

womens rally

Belize Minister of Education Patrick Faber

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 1. Belize’s Ministry Of Education allowed school classes to close so that women teachers could attend the “20,000 Womens Rally” on March 6. But MOE threatened to dock the pay of teachers who left their classes to attend the March 7 teachers’ rally for better pay. This threat comes barely 5 weeks after Minister of Education Patrick Faber assured the Teachers’ Union that no one would be penalized for attending the teacher rallies. The teachers’ raise has been delayed till August. They are seeking a written guarantee that is will happen as soon as possible.

The teachers are rallying for salary adjustments to meet the higher cost of living. Teaching is getting increasingly more difficult with the increase of lawlessness in schools. Principals throughout Belize are complaining of unruly and rebellious students. Especially government high school schools are facing openly defiance from students who don’t care about consequences.

Why? One reason may be that government schools are teaching students to engage in sex without care for consequences. The only precaution they advise is the flimsy “protection” of condoms. Is student lawlessness the bitter fruit of being taught to sow seeds outside of marriage? And to indulge in different kinds of sex?

Many Belizeans had thought that the government jettisoned this kind of teaching back in September 2012. It was then that widespread protests caused the pro-LGBT HFLE sex manual to be eliminated from hundreds of schools where it had been secretly introduced. Belizeans found then that the Health & Family Life Education Manual was unhealthy because it promoted anal sex which quickly spreads contagious disease. And it was anti-family because it encouraged youth to resist parental authority.

But now a similar manual is back in the schools under a different name. It’s called the Life Skills Education Student Handbook & Activity Kit. This new manual says that any kind of pre-marital sex as okay as long as kids have “protection.” The government is insisting that all teachers of Life Skills to prove that they use this manual in their 1st & 2nd Form (US grades 9 & 10) classes. Even those who oppose it as corrupting to their students are forced to comply.

womens rally

Bishop Doric Wright speaks with Paul Rodriguez, another opponent of Bellze’s gender policy

Who keeps pushing this agenda? Not just UNIBAM’s Caleb Orozco, whose Supreme Court case against Belize’s sodomy law is still undecided. It is the National Women’s Commission which is a prime mover behind the propaganda for premarital sex and homosexuality. And it is the NWC which sponsored the March 6 womens rally. That is why Bishop Doric Wright said the Catholic Church “does not endorse the 20,000 Women’s Rally because the invitation does not speak to the complementary role between men and women as taught to us by Jesus Christ.” He emphasized that the Church does support the upliftment of women. But it certainly cannot support the upliftment of promiscuous sex which degrades both women and men.

Many other churches including the Adventist, Baptist and Nazarene denominations also boycotted the womens rally. NWC’s advocacy of multiple genders was seen as contradicting its advocacy of women as women. Instead of the anticipated 20,000, the womens rally drew only 3,500 to the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize City. Many women teachers chose to forego the time off and conduct their classes instead.

Yet many teachers did not attend the next day’s rally for higher teacher salaries either…

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Womens rally draws 3500 not 20,000

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