Fearing Russian invasion, Eastern Europe rearms

Russian invasion

The geopolitical situation of Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe (image by Spiridon Ion Cepleanu)

PRAYER ALERT: Fears of an unstoppable Russian invasion are mounting. Moscow keeps massing troops on its border with Ukraine. Other eastern European nations now seek ways to prevent the same from happening to them. Poland is speeding up its missile defense plan. The Czech Republic defense minister proposed boosting military spending by 27%. Lithuania plans to double its military spending, in the long run, to meet NATO standards. In the short run Lithuania is calling on NATO for more ground troops and missile defenses. Its Baltic neighbors Estonia and Latvia are doing the same.

However, NATO’s most powerful members are facing budget constraints. President Obama continues to insist on reducing the US defense budget. Western Europe’s biggest military spenders are Britain and France. But they are unlikely to extend their strained resources further. Southern Europe is struggling to comply with severe austerity measures. At this point the West hopes that sanctions on a few dozen powerful Russians will bring that nation to the negotiating table. But in this case sanctions work both ways. The more that sanctions hurt Russia, the more they hurt the West too. What will the West do if a Russian invasion presses on into Ukraine? And beyond, into more of Eastern Europe? What if Russia tries to reconstitute the former Soviet empire, as many fear it plans to do?

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are Creator of the earth. You made all the people and the resources in it. We lift Crimea, the Ukraine, and all of eastern Europe out of the hands of men, and into the hands of the Lord who made them. You set their appointed times. You set the boundaries of their habitation. Confirm the time set for the Ukraine presidential elections. Shine You light on every candidate.

You hear the accusations from both sides, that there are neo-Nazis or neo-Soviets on the other side. Expose all hidden agendas and lies. Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons with the assurance that NATO would protect it. Now it is threatened by a huge and powerful nuclear-armed Russia. Protect Ukraine’s elections from violence. More than Europe or Russia, You have the solutions to its problems. Give a clear choice to the electorate. Show Your plans to raise Ukraine out of poverty, corruption, division, fear and debt. Show Your plans to prosper them and to give them a hope and a future. Exalt a candidate with Your solutions. Establish the authorities who will cooperate with Your good plan for Ukraine.

Russia says that NATO promised not to expand into Eastern Europe. It did, and now Eastern European nations fear a Russian invasion to take them back. The enemy wants to empower a Gog and Magog alliance before its time. And Europe can ill afford a war to prevent it. So we ask that you defuse this crisis. Affirm healthy trade relationships between Russia and Europe. Do not let the enemy steal from them, or kill or destroy. We pray for all the authorities in Russia and Europe, that Your people may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. And that out of this crisis, may Your churches find their highest allegiance as one holy nation in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Fears of an unstoppable Russian invasion are mounting as Moscow keeps massing troops on its border with Ukraine. Other eastern European nations now seek ways to prevent the same from happening to them.

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Russian invasion could be prelude to reconstituting former Soviet empire


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