France pushes back jihad in Africa

jihad in africa

French West Africa after World War II:
Green: French West Africa. Dark grey: Other French possessions. Darkest grey: French Republic

PRAYER ALERT: France has been the nation most helpful in resisting jihad in its former African colonies. In 2012 an al-Qaeda coalition waged a campaign that captured two-thirds of Mali. It sought to impose shariah law throughout the country. Prime Minister Diango Cissoko appealed for help from NATO, the UN, France and the African Union. France was the swiftest to respond. It deployed troops there on Jan. 11, 2013.

By Feb. 8 French and Malian troops had retaken the entire two-thirds of Mali that al-Qaeda had held. The US limited its role to airlifting French troops to Mali. They received some assistance from African Union troops. The EU contributed 64 million euros to pay the salaries of African troops. But France committed 340 million euros to the effort. France was widely praised for its rapid and efficient repulse of jihad in Africa.

France continues to be proactive in Africa. It maintains a widespread networks of military bases across the continent. In France’s former colony, the Central African Republic, an Islamic coup descended into a civil war pitting Muslims against Christians in late 2013. Now 2000 French troops are in CAR with 6000 African Union soldiers working to restore order.

Nigeria is a former British colony surrounded by 14 countries formerly colonized by France. With the exception of CAR, they enjoy relative peace. But Nigeria has no help from Great Britain or the West as it faces a relentless and growing jihad. And France itself is straining its resources in its effort to hold back jihad in Africa. Does France feel obliged to help nations whose problems in part stemmed from a history of French exploitation? And from the artificial borders that France itself drew? Jihad in Africa thrives on such memories of historical injustice.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, we turn to You in heaven where everything is in perfect peace. We thank You for sending Jesus to bring peace on earth. His peace overcomes the demonic work of jihadists who seek to steal, kill and destroy. They seek to subjugate all non-Muslims under shariah law. Expose the evil work of jihad in Africa. Defeat their plans before they see the light of day.

For You have plans to prosper these nations and not to harm them. Raise up Your numerous people in Nigeria and CAR and throughout central and west Africa to pray. Release Your solutions for these national crises. Enable France and other nations to recognize and support Your solutions and to remedy historical injustices. Mobilize Your peacemakers to carry out Your plans to give Nigeria and CAR a hope and a future. And reach Muslims deceived by a false god to show that only Jesus is worthy of our devotion, our lives, and our praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Jihad in Africa seeks to spread south

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