Children at risk in & out of Belize schools

Children at risk

Promises made at a public hearing to change the dangerous wording of parts of the rape bill have not materialized

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 1: Almost one year ago, the Government of Belize’s new gender policy was publicized without any prior public consultation. Since then, the church and many other informed stakeholders have made many strenuous objections. The church—including the Evangelical Association and the Belize Council of Churches—issued a comprehensive report from experts in many fields which would be impacted by the new gender policy. Most of all, this policy would put children at risk from predators both outside and inside the school system. GOB has been promising changes.

But the policy remains essentially the same: Contraceptives will be freely available to children ages 10 and up without parental consent. So will abortion, though it is still against the law. Children ages 10+ will be able to go to the same “sexual and reproductive health” services as those who are involved in LGBT and prostitution. LGBT “sexual orientations” will be legitimized. GOB has budgeted a new “Gender Integration Department”. Prostitutes, or “sex workers”, get special rights and protection. So do “men who have sex with men.” Yet sodomy is still illegal in Belize. And GOB has promised to keep fighting its legalization in court.

THE SPIRIT OF DEFIANCE & DOUBLE-TALK. Where is the disconnect? It may be found in the familiar spirit of defiance, also called the “Kruffy” spirit in Belize. This spirit is now manifesting at the highest levels of government. At the February 8 intercessors’ retreat at YWAM Belmopan, this defiant spirit was identified as a major enemy of the kingdom of God in Belize. It says whatever sounds good at the moment. But it does the opposite—or does nothing at all. It defies accountability. It prizes its independence. It expects respect and gives little in return. It insists on rights to do anything it pleases, including breaking its own laws. It tramples on others’ basic rights with reckless abandon. And it covers it tracks with lies.

The defiant spirit is rising up more aggressively in the schools. Problems with rude and disruptive students are escalating. Classes often descend into chaos. Overworked and underpaid teachers are running out of patience. Sexual intrigues arising from the new gender policy only add to the turmoil. Life Skills teachers are forced to prove they are teaching from a GOB-mandated pro-LGBT manual. Visiting pro-LGBT speakers will also put children at risk.

Students complain that they are breaking down under the multiple pressures of stressful classes, sexual harrassment, and disorderly, often parentless, homes. In response, teachers are increasingly seeking medications to pacify students. This would open more doors for drugs along with more sex in schools. Instead of safe havens for preparing students for the future, schools are in danger of becoming breeding places for all kinds of sinful behavior.

A second intercessors’ retreat took place at Trinidad Farms on April 5. The Lord sternly warned of a crushing experience ahead for Belize, which has been defiled by the blood of violence and abortion and by the homesexual influence. What could we do to prevent being crushed? We need to walk before Him in the Spirit opposite the defiant spirit. To practice obedience, holiness and prayer. To sound the alarm calling others to pray. To come together and make declarations for the nation, as we plan to do again at the June 8 Global Day of Prayer. To be accountable to each other between prayer meetings to living out what we pray for and declare. In effect, we need to live in the future and so pull the future into the present.

For this year 2014 a major move of God has often been prophesied. It will expose corruption and bring in righteousness. It will shut doors to the enemy that the sins of the fathers have opened to put their children at risk. It will turn hearts of fathers to the children and hearts of children to the fathers. It will bring in be new wine, so we must prepare new wineskins.

Read more about new wineskins, and how to pray for God to fill them…

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