Belize church leadership team to meet with PM

church leadership team

BAEC held a larger plenary meeting on Apr. 28 at Central Assembly of God, Belize City

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 1. On April 9th the new Belize church leadership team for evangelicals held its first meeting. Represented were five of the six district chapters of the newly reorganized Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, plus the Belmopan chapter. Two district chairman participated by Skype. All seven BAEC chapters are still in the process of formation. But chapter leaders felt it was urgent to meet for a unified response to the government’s latest statement on its controversial new gender policy.

The statement came through Ann-Marie Williams, the Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission. She told a reporter in New York City that the Government of Belize will not work with recommendations from the church report on GOB’s gender policy. This report was requested from the churches by Prime Minister Barrow himself. It was then commissioned, supervised and approved by both BAEC and the Belize Council of Churches. But instead of considering it, Ann-Marie Williams said that GOB “is moving forward” with the policy.

church leadership team

Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow

The new Belize church leadership team decided go straight to PM Barrow to find out exactly what he thinks about the church recommendations which he requested. Though he received them in November, he has not yet commented on them. The team recently delivered a letter to the PM giving him one more chance to respond. This time Barrow did respond by giving the church leadership team two possible time slots for meeting with him.

The team chose the Wednesday, May 7 slot when they gathered in the larger BAEC plenary meeting on April 28. They called on all Christians to unity and prayer on this issue. It is now a year since the sodomy court case came before Belize’s Supreme Court. Though the foreign-based arguments of the foreign-dominated lawyers in favor of legalizing sodomy were well-refuted, the Chief Justice has not yet ruled on that case.

Instead, GOB has gone ahead with a gender policy which trumps the court case. It illegally declares sodomy and other LGBT behavior to be legitimate and worthy of promotion and special protection. In its still-pending “rape bill”, GOB uses language that actually takes away protection of children from predators. And it goes beyond the issue of rape to opens doors to enforcing the LGBT agenda in schools and in the workplace. (See Belize rape bill follows foreign gender policy).

We need to stay unified, informed and active on this issue. For this reason, at the April 28 meeting BAEC members approved our new constitution by consensus, even though several amendments have been proposed. We decided to put our revitalized organization on its feet so we can respond together to fast-breaking national issues

Read more, and see how to pray about this…

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Evangelical church leadership team prepares to address national issues

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