Global Day of Prayer—one church under God

Global Day of Prayer

Global Day of Prayer 2012 in Battlefield Park, Belize City

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 3. It is time to unite together in prayer, not only for the healing of our land, but for the nations. The 2014 Global Day of Prayer is very soon, on Sunday, June 8. The Global Day of Prayer is a marvelous opportunity for churches to come together before God on behalf of Belize and the world. At the same time we are signing churches up to our chapter Registries, we can be inviting them to participate in the GDOP. It’s time for the BAEC to show these churches that we really are serious about joining together in events like these.

Global Day of Prayer

Nazira Espat translated at GDOP 2013 for prayer leader Mark Humes and all other speakers, English or Spanish

In the last two GDOPs in Belize City we included Spanish speaking prayer leaders and song lyrics. We translated every line spoken in either English or Spanish into the other language. We are encouraging every district chapter of BAEC now to hold a bilingual Global Day of Prayer too, every Pentecost Sunday. Wasn’t that the day that the disciples spoke in every tongue? We also agreed on April 28 to set an annual National Day of Prayer. Prime Minister Barrow has committed to cooperate with it (apparently God is already moving on him in advance of the church’s May 7 meeting with him!). In fact the NDOP is an old Belize tradition which has fallen out of use, except for a limited and perfunctory observance.

Global Day of Prayer

Ruben Leiva was one of the Spanish-speaking pastors who led prayer at the Belize City GDOP in 2012

With a new national church leadership team, new district representation, and the potential for hundreds of Spanish churches to participate, the stage is set for God to move us into united action. But only if we stay connected to Him in united prayer!

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are one with the Son. You are one with the Spirit. Through them You created all things. You also want us to be one, together with You. Then through us You can renew all things. Even scattered dry bones can live if we obey You and call them together. And many of our churches are scattered and dry. Some You are bringing to new life. But You want us all to have this new life together. So we declare to the bones, be joined to one another. We declare to every missing part—English or Spanish—take your place. We declare to sinews, muscles and flesh, cover the body of Christ. And we declare to the breath, now enter. Let an exceedingly great army arise!

Lord, let Your Presence go with this army. Send the worshipers ahead, to defeat our spiritual foes with high praises. Show Your intercessors how to pray. Tell Your prophetic people how to prophesy—in English and Spanish—every step of the way. Guide Your leaders in paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake. Cause demons to flee and giants to fall. We pray specifically for the May 7 meeting of Your leaders with the Prime Minister. Release divine power to demolish arguments of the LGBT agenda. Uphold the truths revealed in the church’s report. Help Your leaders speak the truth in love. Love never fails. Give us victory over this giant so we can go on to defeat other giants with You. They once scattered us, but You did not leave us that way. Now arise, and let Your enemies be scattered before us! In Jesus’ almighty name, amen.

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Millions of intercessors expected to participate in 2014 Global Day of Prayer


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