Spanish speaking churches urged to join BAEC

Spanish speaking churches

Spanish speaking pastors from Orange Walk who  have joined BAEC, here with BPN Director George Ferrar (left) after the Oct. 21, 2013 BAEC meeting

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 2. The new constitution for the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches specifically calls for chapters to form in all six districts of Belize. But that is just the first step in becoming one united voice for evangelicals in the nation. On April 28 BAEC not only approved of the new constitution, we resolved to begin reaching out to all evangelicals immediately. We want to include as many Spanish speaking churches as possible. In the past the BAEC has been a mostly English speaking organization with certain special events translated into Spanish. But most Spanish-speaking churches in Belize still have little or no connection with BAEC.

At our April 28 meeting we all agreed that this must change. The newly forming chapters will make special efforts to reach Spanish speaking churches as we start counting all the evangelical churches in each chapter’s district or area. Each church’s contact info—including any Skype name or Facebook page—will be listed in its chapter’s Church Registry. The churches won’t need to join BAEC in order to be listed in the Registry. But BAEC members want to get to know these churches whether they join the organization or not. Organization is less important than communication.

Global Day of Prayer

Nazira Espat translated at the Belize City GDOP 2013 for prayer leader Mark Humes and all other speakers, English or Spanish

This is where the body of Christ has been weak in regard to the hundreds of Spanish speaking churches in Belize. The language barrier has kept us apart. We need to seek bilingual contacts familiar with those churches. Many Spanish speaking churches have already shown that they are eager to join us in active demonstrations against the GOB gender policy. They were ready to join us en masse late last summer to march on the capital Belmopan. At that time our leaders called off the march, in order to make another concerted effort to appeal to Prime Minister Barrow personally.

Spanish speaking churches

Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow

Will the PM finally consider the church’s comprehensive report which we sent him in November? We will find out on May 7 when the BAEC’s new national church leadership meets with him. If the PM fails to respond adequately, we will be ready to mobilize the people in our Church Registries—including the Spanish speaking churches—to take united action against the government’s gender policy.

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There are hundreds of Spanish speaking churches throughout Belize

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