Al Maliki shunned, Iraq leader names new PM

al Maliki

Nouri al Maliki

PRAYER ALERT: On August 12 newly elected Iraqi President Fouad Massoum nominated Deputy Prime Minister Haider al Ibadi as Iraq’s new prime minister. This came one day after current PM Nouri al Maliki aggressively positioned himself for a third term. He mobilized his police and special forces throughout Baghdad. They closed key bridges and occupied checkpoints. They secured government buildings including the presidential palace. Al Maliki denounced Massoum for delaying the establishment of his third term in office. 

But President Massoum, a socialist-leaning Kurd, instead called on al Ibadi to form a new government. Al Ibadi belongs to al Maliki’s Shiite Dawa party, which won the most seats in the Iraqi parliament. Still, al Maliki calls it a coup. He will find broad resistance to his bid to stay in office. In January 2013 his opponents passed a law forbidding a third term for al Maliki. But the law was voided by an Iraqi court. Sunni and Kurdish minorities have felt alienated by al Maliki’s stubborn pursuit of a Shiite agenda. Now even his most loyal Shiite supporters are deserting him. 

Al Abadi has until September 11 to pull together a new government for the Iraqi parliament. He faces the prospect of an ultra-violent Sunni ISIS takeover of Iraq. Can he bring deeply divided Shiites, Kurds and more-moderate Sunnis together into a coalition government strong enough to meet ISIS’ threat? 

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You created us and called us good. You made us to love You and to love each other. You promise to work all things to the good of those who love You. But we see horrific evil taking hold in Syria and Iraq. We see ISIS persecuting hundreds of thousands of Your people. It is driving them out of ancient homelands. It is going to extremes of beheading children. Arise, Lord! Be their Savior! Lead them like Your glory cloud did for Israel in the desert. Do miracles for them. Be merciful to them. Bring them to a wide and spacious place where they may find safety and rest. Let their voice be heard in the nations as a testimony to Your greatness. And set a course for many of them to return to their homelands in peace. 

Give them a voice in the new government of Iraq. Show them how to speak with authority as Jesus did. Even more, show them how to pray with authority to You. Hear their prayers and raise up Your choice of government leaders in Iraq. Bring them into right relationships with other nations. Strengthen them to resist and drive back the forces of ISIS. Stop every other jihadist movement that seeks to tyrannize Your people and take Your place. Terrify the terrorists and confuse their efforts. Show how You alone are worthy to be their Lord and King. Establish a government in Iraq that will allow Your people, and all peoples, to live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Al Maliki denounces new Iraqi government formation





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