For Belize PM to approve God's gender policy

gender policy

Belize Association of Evangelical Churches welcomes new chapter leaders on 28 April 2014

SPIRITUAL LIFE IN BELIZE: Many don’t realize the great power the Church has now that the Evangelical Association has new chapters in every district of Belize. And yet many district leaders are having difficulty coming to these crucial get-togethers—or finding delegates to come in their place. Or even participating online using Skype. It is so important that these district church leaders prepare for their meeting later this month with the Prime Minister on the gender policy.

We must pray for the PM to approve of the Bible-based Church’s Comprehensive Report, instead of leaving the gender policy the way it is. As is, the gender policy would open the door for LGBT propaganda and abuse, particularly in schools. And schools reopen in a month. Let’s pray the enemy’s plans will fall to the ground, and God’s good plans for marriage, sex, children and family in Belize will stand. And that the church in Belize will arise to change the issue from legalizing homosexual behavior to healing it!

BC-HOP Prayer for Spiritual Life

6:30 pm Tues. Aug. 5

Remar Belize, 5 Johnson St., Belize City

227-6123, 610-1211

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Belize gender policy controversial


It is now a year since the sodomy court case came before Belize’s Supreme Court. Though the foreign-based arguments of the foreign-dominated lawyers in favor of legalizing sodomy were well-refuted, the Chief Justice has not yet ruled on that case.

Instead, GOB has gone ahead with a gender policy which trumps the court case. It illegally declares sodomy and other LGBT behavior to be legitimate and worthy of promotion and special protection. In its still-pending “rape bill”, GOB uses language that actually takes away protection of children from predators. And it goes beyond the issue of rape to opens doors to enforcing the LGBT agenda in schools and in the workplace. (See Belize rape bill follows foreign gender policy).

We need to stay unified, informed and active on this issue. For this reason, at the April 28 meeting BAEC members approved our new constitution by consensus, even though several amendments have been proposed. We decided to put our revitalized organization on its feet so we can respond together to fast-breaking national issues

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