Group Prayer for Global Power: course outline

—course outline

group prayerSEPT. Starting a prayer movement

Global change begins with you

Going wider in prayer for your city & nation

From prayer targets to prayer campaigns

Prayer campaigns for the 7 mountains of national influence


OCT. Group prayer strategies & guidelines

VICTORY prayer strategy

Praying with authority

Group prayer strategies

Corporate prayer against territorial spirits


NOV. Yielding to moves of the Holy Spirit

Mixing prayer and worship

Mixing prayer and equipping

Mixing prayer, Scripture and prophetic words

Mixing prayer and action


DEC. Making the most of prophetic words

Receiving and discerning prophetic words

Interpreting and recording prophetic words

Applying prophetic words: the 6 W’s

Communicating and evaluating prophetic words


JAN. Motivating more people to pray

10 motivations to pray

Harmonizing your prayer life with other commitments

How to train new intercessors

Spirit-led prayer for young and old (Acts 2:16-18)


FEB. Hitting prayer targets

Sharing prophetic words to get the big picture

Blockbuster prayer


Testimonies produce testimonies


MAR. Covering your nation with prayer

Prayer campaigns for the 7 mountains of influence

How the 7 mountains overlap in a “mountain range”

10 P’s of guidelines for prayer leaders

Interviewing movers and shakers on the 7 mountains

Tracking movers and shakers on the 7 mountains

Coordinating prayer groups across the nation


APR. Cooperating with Local, National and Global Leadership

Turning criticism into intercession

Starting with the Body of Christ: Intro to Global Day of Prayer

Progress in the VICTORY prayer campaign


MAY. From Glory to Glory

Organizing National and Global Days of Prayer

Agreeing on declarations for your nation

National issues are global issues

Extending your vision to all nations


JUNE. Global prayer networking

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Group prayer agreement makes a great difference


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