Human trafficking in US: 244,000 kids at risk

Human Trafficking in US

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Human Trafficking in US: 244,000 kids at risk. From IPMI September Prayer AgendaForeign Nationals Trafficked into the US

  • 14,500 – 17,500 – Number of foreign nationals trafficked into the US every year.

o   Source: DOJ, HHS, DOS, DOL, DHS, and USAID. Assessment of US Government Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons: June 2004.

Human Trafficking in US of its own Citizens

  • 244,000 – Number of American children and youth estimated to be at risk of child sexual exploitation, including commercial sexual exploitation, in 2000.

o   Source: Estes, Richard J. and Neil A. Weiner. The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work: 2001.  Study funded by the Department of State.

  • 38,600 – Estimated number of approximate 1.6 million runaway youth at risk of sexual endangerment or exploitation in 1999.

o   Source: US Department of Justice: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Runaway/Thrownaway Children: National Estimates and Characteristics. NISMART Series:2002

  • 12 – 14 – Average age of entry into prostitution.

o   Source: Estes, Richard J. and Neil A. Weiner.  The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work: 2001


  1. Prayer for the victims of human trafficking. Pray for their liberation from the hands of their oppressors, God’s comfort, His provision, healing and restoration. 

  2. Prayer for the efforts to raise public awareness and to reach out to and protect victims of

human trafficking. Pray for those involved with the cause for their strength, their health, their families, provision of resources needed to accomplish their work; for God to raise up more men and women who are passionate about this cause. 

  1. Prayer for at risk children, those who find themselves surrounded by brokenness through no fault of their own and who are therefore the ones who face the greatest potential for victimization. Pray for the children in poverty in our community. Pray for those who are abused. Pray for those who are in need of responsible, loving caregivers. Pray for the children who are contemplating running away. Pray for those organizations that work with these young people and pray that the church would develop a greater heart of compassion for these vulnerable ones who need our help and our hope.

  2. Prayer for those who enslave and who exploit others for their own profits. Pray that they would be brought to justice, that their efforts to abuse and manipulate for their own gain would be thwarted and that God would cause them to recognize the wickedness of their actions and to turn from them. Pray for the grace of God to transform their hearts.


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Human Trafficking in US includes 14,550+ foreign nationals

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