ISIS in America – prophetic nightmare scenario

ISIS in America

A small fence separates densely-populated Tijuana, Mexico, right, from San Diego, CA

PRAYER ALERT: It could happen in America. Scripture warns that unwalled places are especially vulnerable to attack (Jdg. 18:7,10,27,28; Ezek. 38:1-16). Now God is warning prophetic people that ISIS in America, with its porous borders, is poised for broad attacks. Internationally-known prophetic voice Rick Joyner has sounded the alarm. He received a troubling dream on Sept. 18. In essence, it unfolded like this:

Demonized gangs were invading the southwest US in droves. They were perpetrating acts of cruelty beyond infamous medieval methods of torture and murder. They rewarded their cruellest members with the highest ranks. They despised pleas for mercy. They targeted the innocent out of pure malice.

People were so outraged that they fought back against ISIS in America and every other terrorist group on the loose. They refused to wait for government forces to do their job. In fact, Americans were so furious over the lack of basic protection that they attacked the federal government itself. Federal employees were fleeing for their lives. Almost every state in the union was rejecting federal authority.

Instead, militias were popping up all over the country. Some of them sought only to defend their territories. But other militias overreacted. They posed as much a menace as ISIS in America. Satan won’t cast out Satan. Yet people turned to the more fascist militias out of paranoia and abject fear.

This is a dream that should wake us up. Given current conditions, it is all too plausible. We can stop this nightmare from happening. But it will take, according to Rick, immediate action. We must seal the border. We must take drastic security measures. We should prepare for martial law. We should pray for all those in authority, from the President to local officials, to mobilize against this threat now. Rick says local sheriffs will be crucial in this crisis. They have authority over certain federal operations. They will need to rein in the militias, meet with them and work with them. Pray for all concerned, and for wise election campaigns and votes in November. Prayer and wisdom can still avert this nightmare.

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are our Protector and strong tower. You are our refuge from every enemy. Every believer’s destiny is secure in You. When we see such things happening, we can lift up our heads. For our redemption is near. But we pray for others who lack that trust and security. We pray that the enemy will not prevail over them. We ask that You expose every plot of ISIS in America and in every other nation. You have done so many times since 9/11. You have done so recently in Australia. Even many in mass media are now sounding the alarm. They have seen their own journalists beheaded on their own media.

Wake up the governing authorities too. We pray that they get their heads on straight before their heads come off. Turn their hearts to the people whom they have sworn to protect. Cause them to coordinate security measures. Fill every gap as they do. Give more prophetic warnings and miraculous deliverances. Let the persecutors know that Jesus is Lord, and Allah is of the devil. Give them warning dreams too. Provide Your way out of their bondage. We pray this that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. But in the midst of this crisis, make us a people who know their God, display strength and take action. And help us to lead the fearful to find faith in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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ISIS in America – all too plausible


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