ISIS in Australia foiled in beheadings plot

ISIS in Australia

Map of Australia

PRAYER ALERT: On Sept. 18 about 900 heavily armed police carried out raids against supporters of ISIS in Australia. The government had intercepted messages from a top Australian ISIS operative in Syria. ISIS supporters were ordered to seize citizens at random off the streets. They were to cut off their heads in public.

The police raids were the biggest in Australia’s history. They came only four days after Australia ordered warplanes and 200 special-forces soldiers to join the global coalition against ISIS in Iraq. Local citizens were horrified at the speed with which ISIS in Australia was mobilized for this diabolical plot.

ISIS in Australia

The Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, was designed for public accessibility

Australia has always felt safe from foreign attack. It is bound by hundreds of miles of ocean. Its parliament and prime minister’s office in Canberra were designed for easy public access. But a day after the police raids began, more intercepted messages showed that ISIS in Australia was targeting lawmakers and the prime minister himself. PM Tony Abbott announced that the Australian Federal Police would move into the Parliament House in short order.

Australia has never experienced a terrorist attack. Yet ISIS in Australia very nearly carried out two broad attacks in two days. The US, leader of the anti-ISIS coalition, is much more vulnerable…

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ISIS in Australia almost pulls surprise attacks

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