LGBT agenda faces united prayer in Belize

LGBT agenda

Taking a stand against LGBT agenda at Belize Action rally

BELIZE JOURNAL, Pt 2. Wed. Oct. 1 is the second of three nights for churches across the Belize to gather. We will pray for a decision by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on the May 2013 sodomy court case. The decision was promised in July 2013. We don’t know why it has been delayed so long. But in the meantime the LGBT agenda has gone forward. A final verdict would stop it.

On Thurs. Oct. 2 we will pray for the nation. We will ask God for forgiveness for widespread family brokenness in Belize. This brokenness has allowed the enemy to come into Belize. He is trying to redefine sex, gender, marriage and family in ways which would cause more family brokenness. We must pray that God turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. And turn the hearts of children to the fathers. To prevent the curse of the LGBT agenda from falling on the land. To heal family relationships and release revival instead. Only He can do this. Pray with us over the following points!   


  1. Reverential fear of the Lord in his position as Chief Judge over the land (2 Chron. 7:17-19).

Father, we look to You as the righteous Judge of judges, the Chief, Justice of all chief justices.

We thank You for establishing a constitution which exalts You as supreme authority in this nation.

We thank You for answering many of our prayers for the May 2013 sodomy court case.

You clearly showed that that UNIBAM’s  case was based on foreign arguments by foreign attorneys, and the Church’s case was based on constitutional arguments by Belizean attorneys.

Cause the Chief Justice to fear violating the constitution that You have established.

Speak to his heart and strengthen his heart to do what’s right in Your eyes. It’s better to be led by the fear of the Lord more than the fear of man and of the LGBT agenda.

Cause him to fear defying You as the Supreme Judge and the “moral and spiritual values” which our constitution says are essential to our freedom.

  1. To conclude his judgment ASAP and rule in favour of the Church’s request.

Father, we ask You to pursue him wherever he goes with Your truth and Your verdict on the case.

We ask that Your verdict stand and that all other arguments fall to the ground.

We bind any wrong influences toward his decision, that he would decide only upon what took place in the courtroom and not upon any other external influences or pressures.

We ask You to prevent any other verdict than a conclusive and resounding No to legalizing sodomy.

Section 53 is a good law that PROTECTS human dignity, not violates it.

  1. To thwart once and for all the attempts of the LBGT lobby to establish their policies in our land.

Father, we declare that this battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil.

We confess that our sexual immorality and family brokenness have allowed this evil into Belize.

We thank You that Jesus died for all our sins and offers healing for all our brokenness. Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more! (Rom. 5:20)

On behalf of all we represent in Belize, we receive Your healing and rebuke the devil’s destructive work.

Let God arise in our nation, let His enemies scatter, and let all their unclean LGBT agenda be shattered.



  1. To end murders & heinous crimes in our nation that people may return to righteousness & peaceful living.

Heavenly Father, we pray this day that Your might hand of protection may be placed over our land and our people. We have experienced many heinous crimes, hate & murders. There has been an increase of our people hating each other. We pray, Lord, that this evil may be lifted off our land and that the love of God may be shed abroad in our hearts. Be with us now Lord in our time of need as we prayer for all those who have lost loved ones.

Father, we thank You for the Holy Spirit’s power to overcome evil with good.

We hold to Your Word that where sin abounds, God’s grace much more abounds.

We declare Your abundant grace and abundant life to be more powerful than death.

We embrace Your life and Your righteousness as free gifts from our loving Father.

Help us to live the righteous lives You gave us in peace, and to be Your peacemakers.

  1. For unity and stability in the family structure of Belize.

Lord, we have experienced a breakdown of the family structure, where the absence of fathers in the family has affected many children. We pray that this new generation turn to righteousness through Your divine intervention.

We pray for a revival and a renewal of Your love that it may be shed abroad in our hearts. May our people, whatever

   they may do, be done to Your honor & glory. Now Lord, we hold onto Your promise from 2 Chron. 7:14 that says,

   If My people who are called by My name would humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I would hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

We pray that Your church will continue to be unified as one to fulfill the prayer that Jesus prayed for us, that we may be one as You are one, together. Heavenly Father, all those that have gathered here we pray that a renewal of their love and forgiveness may be extended to all those who have wronged them.

Father, turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers.

As You have forgiven and loved us much, let us forgive and love others, even those who have hurt us.

Show prodigal fathers the error of their ways, and turn them home again.

Help their families to welcome them, and to give these fathers grace to take their rightful places.

Show prodigal children the great benefits of returning and honoring their parents.

Empower families led by one husband and one wife to witness of Your ways to the lost and perverse.

Raise up a Joshua generation to bring many more into Your family and Your kingdom.

  1. The wind of revival to flow throughout our land so that the love of God be shed abroad in our Nation.

Father, as Your people, we have come here to humble ourselves and pray.

We seek the favor of Your face. Your love turns us from our wicked ways.

Your love can heal our land. We receive it, so we may release Your healing to others.

Help us to love even our enemies, just as You loved us when we were Your enemies.

Love never fails. And You work all things to the good for those who love You.

The enemy meant to use the gender policy issue for evil, but we declare that You  turn it for good.

This issue has united Your Church like never before.

It has prompted more conferences for, and ministries to, families than ever before.

We declare that You have begun a good work in the Church and in the families of Belize, and You are faithful to complete
it. We commit ourselves to this work together with You.

Finally, Lord, we pray that our political leaders and our spiritual leaders may continue to work together to do exploits for You that our land Belize may set an example to all the world.

We pray Your blessing now on our Nation. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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LGBT agenda in language of gender policy

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