Iranian nuclear program lives—are talks dead?

Iranian nuclear program

Map of Iran’s nuclear power plants

PRAYER ALERT: The deadline for a deal over the Iranian nuclear program is November 24. But the talks already look to be dead in the water. The US and its allies say they cannot sign any agreement until Iran meets one key condition. The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency must verify that the Iranian nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. But on November 8, the IAEA said its data indicates that Iran’s detonators are being tested for nuclear weapons use. And since last February, Iran has provided data only on its detonators. The IAEA cannot find any other practical use for them than as weapons. Hours after the IAEA report came out, the National Council of Resistance of Iran reported that Iran was using two secret chambers for high explosives tests.

That should be enough to end the talks and start more sanctions. But US President Obama is still hoping to strike a deal over the Iranian nuclear program. If he waits until January, the newly-elected Republican majorities in Congress will most likely stop him. Obama wants Shiite Iran as an ally in the fight against Sunni ISIS. He said so much in his most recent (and no longer) secret letter to Iran’s Ayatollah Khamanei. But many Sunnis are joining ISIS because they oppose the Shiite-friendly governments in Iraq and Syria. Both of those governments are supported by Shiite Iran. Bringing Iran into the conflict would drive more Sunnis to ISIS’ side.

Iranian nuclear program

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamanei

And it would give Iran closer access to Israel, which Iran has often sworn to destroy. Many Iranians also call for the destruction of America—without any disapproval from their government. Only last week thousands gathered at the former US Embassy in Tehran to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its takeover. They burned the American flag as well as Israeli and British flags. They all shouted in unison, again and again, “Death to America!”

So did tens of thousands of Revolutionary Guard troops only one year ago. Who stirred up their fervor? Ayatollah Khamanei himself. At that rally the Ayatollah vowed that he would not change the Iranian nuclear program one single iota. To whom will he keep his promises? To the US at the bargaining table? Or to his own Revolutionary Guard troops? When will the world start taking Iran’s death threats seriously?

PRAY WITH US: Father God, You are Sovereign over the rulers in the heavens and the earth. You bring everything into conformity to Your good will. You are the Mover and Shaker of nations. Shake and move Russia from its reckless course of provocations. Show how silly Russian war games are in Your sight. Raise up peacemakers. Forge links of fair trade between the Russian sphere of influence and the West. Unite them against their common enemy, jihadist Islam. Break links with terrorist states, whether ISIS or Iran.

Tear off every false face of peace that the jihadists put on. Expose and disable the Iranian nuclear program. Destroy the jihadists’ weapons of destruction. Shake their alliances to pieces. Free the captives of shariah and oppression. Hand them the keys to Your kingdom. Give them dreams and visions of Jesus Christ, and bring their testimonies to the light. Let the good news of His kingdom be preached freely to all the nations. Let the fullness of the Gentiles come in, so that Israel too may be saved. This is Your promise, and it will come to pass. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Iranian nuclear program still on course for weaponization.

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