Sodomy laws should be put before voters—BAEC

sodomy laws

US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno

Media & Government Prayer: US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno is the judge who dissented against establishing California’s voter-approved prohibition of same-sex marriage. Soon after his appointment, the Belize media asked him if he would advocate the LGBT agenda here. He declared “there is no LGBT agenda by the US government.” Then on the “International Day of Tolerance” Moreno used the media to promote the repeal of our anti sodomy laws. With other recent US ambassadors he called on Belize to protect the right of LGBT persons.

sodomy laws

BAEC interim VP Scott Stirm says that a national referendum is on the churches’ front burner

The Belize Association of Evangelical Churches answered back saying our laws already protect all persons, including LGBTs. And those laws should be vigorously enforced. But the anti sodomy laws protects minors & children. 80% of that law’s cases have been used to prosecute sexual abuse. Moreno has weighed in against letting voters decide LGBT issues. BAEC says that it should now be put into voters’ hands. BAEC is calling for a national referendum to settle the issue once and for all. We can expect a major media campaign from both sides. Let us pray that Belizeans will not be swayed by false arguments for “tolerance” and “protection” of disease-spreading behavior. Or for an an agenda aimed at redefining marriage, sex and family, turning Belize into another Sodom. May God’s good plan for families prevail instead!

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Churches call for referendum on sodomy laws:

“In response to the statement by the US diplomats, the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches said that they are “outraged at the recent statement from the US Embassy calling for the changing of Section 53 to legalize homosexuality in Belize.” 
“…They contend that, “Section 53 is a good law that has only been used to prosecute in sexual abuse cases, over 80% of which were perpetrated on minors and children. Concerning violence against LGBT, we condemn any act of violence against any person or group for any reason; however we note that we already have laws related to this, and we fully support aggressive enforcement of all laws in Belize.”
“The church groups call on the Government of Belize “not to bend to the pressures of any other foreign agendas,” which, they said, will affect the quality of life for the majority of the people who are not in agreement.
“They call on the Government of Belize to hold a national referendum on the matter.

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Sodomy laws protect children from sexual abuse, says BAEC

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