More answered prayer for Belize in 2014

prayer for Belize

Little by little cocaine has grown in Belize into big business, which must be prayed back down again.

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.2: Aug. 20 and Sept. 12. On Aug. 20, the largest-ever crystal meth bust in Belize, of US $2 million worth, took place in Orange Walk. On Sept. 12, the largest-ever cocaine bust in Belize, of US $83 million worth, took place on Tobacco Caye. We need to celebrate all answered prayer for Belize against big business drug trade. And keep praying that drug cartels will never put down their roots here!

Oct. 3. The church first engaged in three nights of nationwide prayer. Then church leaders from both the BAEC and Council of Churches held their long-anticipated meeting with PM Barrow on the new gender policy. This policy has opened doors to a full-scale LGBT agenda in Belize. The churches responded with a joint Comprehensive Report on what should be changed in the gender policy. Otherwise we could face a major breakdown in the health and morality of the nation. The PM agreed that the policy should define gender as male and female only. He allowed the word “sexuality” to replace the broader term “sexual orientation.” These far-reaching changes took care of half of the churches’ concerns. Our prayer for Belize is for further revisions of a still highly-questionable policy.

prayer for Belize

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina at the 2013 World Economic Form (photo by Michael Wuertenberg)

Oct. 10. Guatemala has long claimed Belize as its own territory. It has looked the other way as its citizens have regularly violated the border. Guatemalans have come to poach, harvest timber, and steal gold. They have spread big drug business to Belize. They have planted crops. They have built and lived in homes on our soil. They have fired on Belizeans who were enforcing the border. Then on Sept. 25 Belizean constable Danny Conorquie was shot to death by Guatemalans at a tourist site near the border.

In response Guatemala took unprecedented steps to safeguard the border and even protect Belizeans. On Oct. 10 Guatemalan diplomats and top military personnel met with their Belizean counterparts. They promised to do all they could to stop Guatemalans from illegal intrusions and activities in Belize. They agreed to the following: (1) Joint Belizean/Guatemalan patrols at th
e border. (2) New intelligence-sharing mechanisms between the two nations’ military and police forces. (3) Education of Guatemalan border villages on the enforcement of Belizean laws against intrusions. (4) Promotion of ways to gain a livelihood within Guatemala.
But the greatest of our answered prayer for Belize – Guatemala relations came two months later (see Dec. 17 entry below).

Nov. 14. Standard and Poor’s upgraded Belize’s credit rating from stable to positive. They cited improved growth prospects due to several factors. One was the new $140 million sugar investment—though management and labor are disputing over how to spend it. Another was new investments in non-traditional agricultural products. Not the least was Belize’s award-winning debt rescheduling deal.

prayer for Belize

Cut sugar cane (photo by Rufino Uribe)

Dec. 14. After weeks of impasse in negotiations which delayed the start of the sugar season, the sugar growers union agreed to a proposal by Belize Sugar Industries. The union had threatened to demonstrate after BSI refused any interim deal. Then on Dec. 14, the union conceded that BSI owned the sugar cane at the point of sale. In turn BSI committed to work out a sustainability policy with the union and all stakeholders.

Dec. 17. Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina declared before Central American heads of state that Guatemala “will never constitute a threat to Belize.” He added that “Guatemala and Belize will be neighbors forever. For this reason we want to live in peace, and we’re partners in the development of our populations.” Perez accepted the next 6-month term of presidency of the Central America Integration System from the current president, Belize PM Dean Barrow. The two hugged like old friends. They agreed to 13 yet-to-be-published points of cross-border collaboration. Perez’ remarks were the strongest statements yet that Guatemala seeks to be a peaceful neighbor and not owner of Belize. (Till now, Belize has been pictured as Guatemalan territory on most Guatemalan maps.)

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