Answered prayers for Belize in 2014

BELIZE JOURNAL PT.1: We thank God for many answered prayers for Belize in the year 2014. In fact we’ve had major answered prayers on the average of once a month since March 2011. That was when we started the Belize City House of Prayer. Below we count mostly earthly blessings. Our spiritual blessings are uncountable!

answered prayers

The Belize dollar

January 24. Belize won LatinFinance’s’ award for 2013 Sovereign Restructuring Deal of the Year. This is a deal on our US $547.5 million Super bond debt that we longed prayed for. Christine Vellos, leader of Buttonwood Bay prayer group, participated on the 5-person Belize negotiating team. She was chosen because of her work as Deputy Governor of Belize Central Bank. More than 86% of the bondholders accepted the new terms. The deal included a 41% reduction in current interest rates. We also have 6-year grace period before principal repayments commence.

February 3. The Belize Association of Evangelical Churches initiated formation of BAEC chapters in all six districts in Belize, plus the capital Belmopan. The chapter chairmen join the national officers in the Executive Committee which will meet, pray and make decisions for BAEC. This is another one of our most important answered prayers for this year or any other. It gives Belize a voice of guidance and conscience which represent the evangelical churches in the whole nation.

answered prayers

Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley (photo-Belize City Council)

March 7. Mayor Darrell Bradley, a committed Christian, met his target of concretizing 100 streets in just a year and a half. It was financed by Belize City Council’s $20 million municipal bond. This unprecedented project came just in time. It seemed to prophetically anticipate the just-ended, extremely torrential rainy season. Were it not for the solid new concrete surfaces, the rains would have made major roads practically impassable. The money for the project is accounted for by the new policy of public monthly financial reports on the City Council’s website. The city obtained another $10 million to surface at least 40 more city streets. (Note: BPN does not support political parties or candidates but prays for everyone the same way regardless of political affiliation; see 1 Tim. 2:1-4.)

March 24. Maranco Energy found about 50 million barrels of crude oil in Orange Walk. The last time Belize had such a large oil find was in June 2005. It was immediately after a new corporate prayer initiative in Belize City began. It relieved Belize of a severe financial crisis at that time. The new find is currently being tested for feasibility. We pray that God will open the way for this oil wealth to be extracted and justly distributed!

May 16. Belize won a key battle to hold onto its 2011 takeover of Belize Telemedia Limited. BTL is a highly lucrative enterprise. It has too long been in foreign hands. In a 2 to 1 decision, the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the government’s right to acquire BTL. British billionaire Michael Ashcroft is trying to appeal the case on constitutional grounds. He had succeeded in challenging some provisions. But the judge has instructed him to negotiate for compensation rather than seek to retake BTL.

answered prayers

Writer Audrey Matura-Shepherd at May 17 Belize City Rally with photo of Prof. Bain

June 13. Jamaica’s Supreme Court reversed University of West Indies’ dismissal of long-time Professor Brendan Bain. His position as as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Training Network was restored. Bain has spent decades researching AIDS and treating patients with AIDS. He testified in Belize’s Supreme Court sodomy case that men who had sex with men were much more vulnerable to AIDS infection. For telling this proven truth UWI fired Bain. UWI was clearly under pressure from LGBT proponents. But protests in support of Bain, including two in Belize, on May 17 and 25, gave his case broad exposure. This court victory is one of many answered prayers against the spread of the LGBT agenda in the Caribbean.

Read more about Belize’s big drug busts, and breakthroughs in financial, pro-family and foreign issues.

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We thank God for answered prayers.

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